Mara TK & Lord Echo Duel Release

Mara TK & Lord Echo Dual Release Party.

Instrumental is chuffed to present Lord Echo and Mara TK’s Dual Release Party on the 28th of May at San Francisco Bathhouse in Wellington.

This night of merriment is set to show case the exceptional new musical wares from enigmatic musicians Mara TK and Lord Echo.

Lord Echo aka Mike Fabulous (Black Seeds) will present his "Melodies" in glorious live sound, with his band of feverent followers in tow. The album of the year is now the gig of the year - and your uncle is now your dad! Instrumentation will be mostly wooden and sometimes electric, performed by professional musicians with complete credibility and casual competence. There's Riki Gooch, Samuel Lindsay and Lord Echo's own brother Danny Pash, not to mention some other guys he is yet to find - do you know a trombonist? Special guest singers will sing, clowns will cry, but be warned: this reclusive musical enthusiast may not perform again in the near future due to an overly nervous disposition, so witness the spectacle now or forever hold your peace!

The second half of this dual release party will feature Electric Wire Hustles front man Mara TK and his brand spanking new Red Bull Music Academy Ltd edition 7” vinyl “Taniwhunk”. Recorded at Red Bull Studios late 2010, this 7” of previously unreleased material contains two tracks of soulful spacey goodness that showcases Mara’s golden voice and globally towering musical talents. Throughout this performance Mara TK will be joined by several of his fellow space cadets whose talents will aid this orbital Maori in bringing Taniwhunk’s futuristic vision to life.

Tickets available now from under the radar.

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