My Chain

Came by this couple days ago, cant stop playing it.
It's Saturday night so sip to this.

jonwayne remix of Gucci classic "My Chain"

My Chain (jonwayne Basement mix) by lahroo

Finest Ego - NZ/Aus Beatmaker Compilation

The peoples over at Finest Ego have put together this tasty compilation of New Zealand & Australian beatmakers. Features a few of the homies, definately check it out if your wondering what's happening down this neck of the woods.

Christchurch Earthquake

Dark days here in NZ at the moment, so doing what little we can here.
Seen some really fucked up shit in the press. If you feel the compelled, then to hit up the links and donate. Hopefully we'll see some more scene like the last photo there!

Goin out to all those affected, hold tight!
Exile - It's Coming Down

ESG - Dance

Was trying to dig out my copy of ESG (Emerald, Silver & Gold) but I either got too drunk and left it somewhere or somebody taxed it. Either way, pretty annoying but I did manage to unearth a white label copy of Liquid Liquids' Optimo! Sampled all over hip hop, danced to by countless B-Boys as well as the only group to have played opening night at the Hacienda and closing night of Paradise Garage (with Larry Levan). A lotta bands try to capture this sound but fall well short.

Prince Far I - Coming In From The Rock

Laying de 'eavy pon de yout in dis eer iwa. Prince Far I was one deep brother and aptly titled "The Voice of Thunder".

Sunny Day Throwback!

Just because it's hot out! Go boom it in ya jeep

Emanon - Detour feat. Dr Oop

Dang it is HOT today! It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I haven't yet eaten but managed to down a couple of brews and now I'm off to go dig for some rekkids, kickin it off with this number from Emanon & Dr Oop.

Kanuka & Import - Housework

And next up the homies from Kanuka & Import lay the swag on ya for some four to the floor action.
Kanuka & Import - Housework - Original Mix by KANUKA

Samu - Chompers

Here's a couple tracks from my homies. First one up is from the bro Samu, who put this nice little slow burner together.

Chompers by Samu_monkeymademusic

Spell - Sith Alchemy 10 (Cat Promo)

If you had any doubts about how hardcore we are here at the Hip Drop let us put them to rest.
The homie Spell is due to drop Sith Alchemy 10 in the near future and has laid down this gangster promo.

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers (Video)

From punk rockers to punk rappers. Odd Future head honcho just copped a one album deal with XL.

Anti-Nowhere League - I Hate People

I've done some crazy shit whilst drunk and listening to these guys. Anti-Nowhere League just seems to bring the gutter out of me I guess. Maybe it's the voice of Nick "I smoked a million cigarettes and ate the butts" Culmer aka Animal, or maybe it's just the heaving riffs combined with the fuck everybody attitude. Or maybe some days I meet so many fucking retards that I hate people. Think i'll go for d) all of the above.

Alice Cooper - Black Juju/Is It My Body

This album has been dominating my headphones for most of the day. Shock'n'rolls vaudeville villains lay the heavy on you for their third outing on Frank Zappas' Striaight Records (before the Warner Bro's re-issue and censor of the original "thumb-penis" cover). First track is the slugger "Black Juju" and second "Is It My Body" which oozes Detroit/Michigan.

Black Juju

Is It My Body

Gimme My Money Video (Bonus Footage - Last Shot)

Hourglass Sea - Live From The Crematorium

Hourglass Sea is a producer outta Bradford, England, last month he released his free single L.A Lights and now he has released an EP entitled "Live From The Crematorium" which features more Hudson Mohawk-esque production but a little bit more laid back. Anyways, below is the track "Another World", check it out and see what you think...

Another World by Hourglass Sea

James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006)

I really don't need to say much, we all know who Dilla was, is, and will forever be.
One of the greatest of ALL time.

J Dilla: Still Shining

"J.Dilla: Still Shining" from B.Kyle on Vimeo.

Check the dope Dilla documentary if you haven't yet done so.

Now Again Re:Sounds Vol.1

Thought I'd continue on the 7's tip. I picked this up last week (a little late but better than never, plus it was dirt cheap). 7 seven inch records featuring reworked tracks from the Now Again back catalogue as well as exclusive songs made especially. I like how they partnered the hip hop cuts with the original samples on the flip, especially the Quas/Roe-O-Tation & Edan/Timothy McNeal joints. A really solid selection of styles and tracks I must say.

Here's the Edan sampled cut by Dallas' Tim McNeal previously released by Soul Fire and Truth & Soul but originally on McNeals own Shawn label.

Suff Daddy Box Set

One of my favourite producers Suff Daddy just put out this set of five 7's.
Limited to just 60 copies it was always going to sell out faster then the enchiladas at the Taco Shop. More and a player over at MPM's Site

Here is the video for the song 'GNAC

Suff Daddy - 'GNAC (Official Video) from MPMTV on Vimeo.

Bilal – The Dollar (Black Milk Remix)

Bilal-The Dollar (Black Milk Remix) by Mo' Betta Soul

Mark Pritchard

Such a crap rip, but such a good tune that i had to share it. Hopefully a better version floating around.
Seems relavent with Damien Marley and Nas next week.

Ghostpoet: Peanut Butter blues and Melancholy Jam

This man's album drops tomorrow on Brownswood. I've been getting excited about it since I first heard " Cash and Carry me Home"

Heres another track from the album:

Ghostpoet - Survive It by Brownswood

Good Morning

Loving this with my coffee this morning. Goes well with the rain

Doug Hream Blunt - Gentle Persuasion

Came across this via Martyn Pepperell, thanks bro! A slice of R&B dream pop, which like people have been saying, has got that Dam Funk meets Ariel Pink vibe. This track also featured on James Pants "Disco Mix", which is also bangin'. If you feel inclined to purchase the vinyl or CD then you can contact him at

Leno Lovecraft - EP #1

I've been wondering what the homie Leno Lovecraft has been up to recently so glad to see he's been keepin' on the grind. This latest EP, released via A Low Hum brings us more high quality sexofied glam. If your diggin' it then check the bandcamp and hook the brother up with a few $$$ if you can.

Arp 101 - Flush

Got a copy of this coming in for the store but I might end up coping it myself. Arp 101 brings the fire with this Flush 12'' coming off Eglo records who have been consistantly releasing premium quality cuts for a while now. More badman future snap f ' yo earrrrhole...