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Bag of Nothingness

01 The Great Mundane-Juno Had a Rough Day02 Comfort Fit-Rock da Dam feat. Portformat 03 Lambent-Biscits04 AEED-Particles05 Katrah-Quey Laster of Peace06 Benny B. Blonco-Wizard Swing Warriors07 Himuro-Die Faultiere08 B-Ju-Philly Run 09 Chewy Benson-Tapp that Motherbored10 Comfort Fit-Bag of Nothingness 11 Apes On Tapes-Out for a Shrink Pink Drink12 Rob Steady-Un Samedì Soir sur la Terre13 Maguett-Fog Movement14 Kirby Ditko-Headfirst15 Code Inconnu-Cold Little Finger16 (costa)-Small Flame17 Niteffect-Therapy

Crazy remix's using music from Zelda


The Ocarina of Rhyme- Team Teamwork - Mixtape tracklist:

01 - Clipse - Virginia (Lost Woods)
02 - Dr. Dre + Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E. (Getting Treasure)
03 - Jay-Z - No Hook (Meeting the Owl)
04 - Pimp C, Lil Keke + P.O.P. - Knockin’ Doorz Down (Hyrule Field)
05 - Common - I used to Love H.E.R. (Hyrule Market)
06 - Aesop Rock - No Jumpercables (Goron Village)
07 - Edan - Fumbling Over Words (Battle)
08 - MF Doom - Vomit (Horse Race at Lon Lon Ranch)
09 - Spank Rock - IMC (Zora’s Domain)
10 - Slim Thug + Mike Jones - Still Tippin’ (Great Fairy’s Fountain)

Some 90's Rap.... DUBSTEP'D

Extranormous Records Presents:California Remixed EP

California Remixed EP
01. California Love (KidLogic's Cali-Step Remix) - Tupac and Dr. Dre
02. I Got 5 On It (KidLogic's 5 Step Remix) - Luniz
03. '93 Till Infinity (KidLogic '08 Till Remix) - Souls of Mischief
04. Runnin' (KidLogic TripStep Remix) - Pharcyde

Some lazy dubstep remixs of some real classics! Pharcyde! Luniz! The Souls! pitty that dick head duo of pac n dre's on here but hey what ever!

Get it here 

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Ghetto Sci Fi

One more to take out the week. For all those Ras G fans out there.
The mans got skills and the cover art is dope, I hope I come across this on wax
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Ghetto Sci Fi

Ras_G - 15 minutes of SpaceBase 4 MaryAnneHobbs

Curtis Mayfield - Roots

Some soul to marinate on from Curtis Mayfield. Nuff Said!

Kon & Amir - Off The Tracks Vol.1:The Bronx

Some BBE freshness from dirt diggers Kon & Amir.
First Mix is done by Kon which has more funky tracks with Amir providing the jazz
influence on the second. Niceness

Black Moon - Enta Da Stage

Taking a ride back to '93 courtesy of Buckshot, 5ft and DJ Evil Dee.
NYC Boom Bap classic.
Enta Da Stage LP - Black Moon
Enta Da Stage Instrumentals

First Touch LP

A German duo I came across on the synth boogie disco tip. A bit more G Funk lead synth and it would be perfect. Nice grooves still though...
First Touch LP - First Touch


Whole Wide World/Lit Up

Raphael Saadiq

Soul for your ear hole from Raphael Saadiq. Got that oldschool doowop/r&b vibe to it
Raphael Saadiq - The Way I See It

Pax & Pry

A Day At The Office/A Day Off

Do It Roger

A little sumin sumin from vocoder king slash fuunnk maestro Roger Troutman aka Zapp.
Certified funk fo yo trunk...

its that time again!

Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla

Something that occupies my headphones from time to time, particularly while skating.
Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla

You think you got skills?

Published by GAG, I had a laugh so I thought I would share with The Hip Drop
This was for sale on EBAY the other day, heres exactly what the description said…
“This is a max wicked sick BMX. It’s a Reliance Boomerang and its done heaps of maximum extreme stunts. I have mostly done stunts on this bike since forever. Once I did a boom gnarly stunt trick on it and a girl got pregnant just by watching my extremeness to the maxxxx. Some details about sickmax BMX: Comes with everthing you see including : TOPS AS SUSPENSION REAR FORKS!! 2 X wheels, 1 X seat, I will even throw my sick BMXing name for FREE - Wicked Styx. Has minor surface rust on handlebars and front forks (easily removed). More rust on rear forks. Tyres hold air but are pretty old. Basically, its an old BMX, but its radness is still 100% in tact. Tricks I have done on this BMX: Endos - 234. Sick Wheelies - 687. Skids - 143,000. Bunny Hops - 2 (Bunny Hops are gay and my brother dared me to do them, which I did because I’m Rad to the power of Sick). Flipouts - 28. Basically if you buy this bike you will instantly become a member to every club that was ever invented, worlwide, because you will be awesome. Pick up from Richmond in Melborne. Throw you hands in the air like you just dont mind.”

Black Milk Bonus

Heres a bonus track not on Tronic, however you can find it on the Give the drummer some 12''

Sup yo, thought I'd get this week kicking off with an EP thats been on the heavy rotation lately

Mandingo - Primeval of Rhythm

Something I picked up on wax this week. Mandingo is a fake exotica group from the 70's (actually Geoff Love & His Orchestra) who melded african rhythms, funk, jazz, rock, electronics and more to create this. Samples galore on this.
P.S note the sample "Black Fire" that NZ hiphop duo Definite & Bling used for "Jump Up",
I hated that track but oh well