The Cover Up

An important part of diggin is the cover art. Designs for covers, inners, the actual labels etc is part of what makes diggin that much better. People like Jeff Jank from Stones Throw or Reid Miles of Blue Note are just a couple names doin it dope. Anyways, heres TheCoverUp a blog which focuses on cover art.

Full Crate

Love this guys sound. Hit the link and listen -

Master Blazter

Computer Jay, J-1 and D-F stepped the game up with a “more funk than jazz” Super Session recorded live at the HVW8 Art + Design. This grew into the group Master Blazter. Master Blazter demonstrates how the LA modern funk and boogie scene is starting to bubble and come together. This was the first time that these guys played as a group and it was a completely improvised session in front of a intimate crowd at the HVW8 Gallery.

HVW8 Music - Master Blazter

Ragen Fykes - With Love

Something from Ragen Fykes. A three track mini-EP features rough mixes of two unreleased solo tracks produced by Othello & devonwho, and a massive M64 track HELIUM produced by Omega watts.

With Love

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Wouldn't be quite right if we didn't post up a tribute.
Nothing really needs to be said that people don't already know.
Ain't gonna see nobody like this dude again.

100dbs & Ryan O'neil

100DBS on beats and Ryan O'neil on rhymes.
A fine combination, like a smoke and wine.


Some old vintage soul fire from the opensouls new album 'Standing In The Rain', due out August 17th

Kosamirgtian @ FWD

Kode9 x Samiyam x TRG x Plastician

Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information

On the Sunday vibes with Shuggie Otis.
Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information

Dyne with Julien tonight

Julien Dyne and Wild Bill Ricketts celebrate their debut solo albums.

Julien Dyne
Wild Bill Ricketts
DJ Buttafigers

Mara TK
Riki Gooch
Rio Hemopo
Jonathan Crayford
Ben Fulton
Joe Lindsay
Samuel Lindsay
Toby Laing
Dan Yeabsley

San Francisco Bath House

Clutchy Hopkins And Misled Children

This dope if you dont got it get it
funk, hip-hop, jazz, and straight-out weird orchestral psychedelia.
Peoples Market

Who exactly is Clutchy Hopkins?
A jazz funk player son of a motown sound engineer from the 70,s or cut chemist, dj shadow, mf doom, one or all of the beastie boys? you decide.

Dert Westside of the moon.

Check the cover...

Dope Beat tape using Pink Floyd samples (His other beat tape uses Bjork) I found on a blog called, definitly worth a look.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Continuing on the brass tip. A dope clip viewed today...

Recorded on the back of the Africa Express trip to Lagos last October, during a three-day stop-over in London, with the drummer's stool shared by Malcolm Catto from the The Heliocentrics, Sola Akingbola from Jamiroquai, and the one and only Tony Allen. Another friend from the Nigeria trip, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers turned up at the session: handed Paul Simonon’s bass, parked up in the studio, he muttered, “Woah, so this is the thing that this was written on”, hammering out Guns Of Brixton. So here it is. Honest Jon’s are proud to present the gorgeous, thrilling music of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

Hot 8 - We Are One (Natural Self Remix)

A dope track from the Shapes 09.01 LP
which features the likes of Spanky Wilson, Quantic Soul Orchestra & The Bamboos.
Also comes with the double CD version if you cop one the 500 vinyls pressed.

In 2002, Roth started a new label, Daptone, with Neal Sugarman, they signed a seven-year lease for a two-story row house in the middle of Bushwick, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, across the street from a weed-strangled lot where destitute men camped in the summer. Almost immediately, the broker went bankrupt, and the new label was out $40,000. “It was rough,” said Roth. He and a few other Daptone musicians renovated the company’s headquarters by hand, converting the first floor into a recording studio. Charles Bradley, a local handyman who moonlighted as a James Brown impersonator, helped install the plumbing. Roth worked all hours — tearing down walls, devising money-saving schemes — and when he got home late, he says, his new wife shouted and threw records at him. his wife eventually left him and he ended up sleeping on the couch at the studio. """Vinyl records, in his opinion, sound good, look good, smell good and are delightful to hold. They appeal to four of the five senses, and if you share Roth’s idea of a relaxing evening, they can even help with the fifth — to quote Roth, you can’t roll a joint on an MP3."""

Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey

Even though its cold you can still create the illusion of it being summer by jummin some sweet reggae vibes.

Quetzal - Vision

Producer Quetzal known to many for his part in the much loved ‘Tribute’ album with Onra, drops his solo long player.
The album is a collection of influences, flavours and directions spurred by Q’s Latin and Caribbean journeys. One for well traveled beat journeymen and fans of dusted soul grooves.


Alcoholic Throwdown


More Wellys skating courtesy of Manual Magazine and Alcoholic.

And while we're at it, another with Irrom

PPP Presents Karma Stewart - The Karma EP

More free heat from out of the PPP camp courtesy of the homie Kenny Fresh. PPP member Karma Stewart is giving away this free EP titled The Karma EP. The Ep was produced by PPP members Waajeed and Saadiq, the vocals from Ms. Stewart are somethin' serious, so don't sleep.

The Karma EP

Peanut Butter Wolf - Green Screen (Live Video Mix)

A couple posts courtesy of Stones Throw.
Firstly something Ralphimself showed me on Friday night. The latest podcast from Peanut Butter Wolf which is a video mix. O for Owesome.

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So Maybe No

Bought this 12 last week, 5 minutes after saying I wouldn't be buying anymore vinyl for the week. Luckily for you Stones Throw give it to ya free.

The Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Something from the peeps over at San Pasquale who have a stupid amount of dope stuff.

Go check it out if haven't, but for now rollin the weekend out...

Kode 9 Wellington

Thursday 2nd of July at Garden Club, Hyperdubs Kode 9. Is where I'll be.

Flower Travellin' Band - Satori

Every now and then I take a look over at Egon's Funk Archaeology SeriesLink to see what he's been diggin (cos you know its gonna be dope). Anyways, came across Flower Travellin' Band, a heavy rock outfit from Japan reminicient of Black Sabbath. Oooshh

Big Gigantic - Fire It Up

Free debut LP from Big Gigantic,the Latest project from Dominic Lalli (Motet saxophonist/producer) and drummer Jeremy Salken,

Fire It Up