Oscillations Part 1

The good peeps over at Apple Juice Break and Just Like Music are giving away 20 exclusive/unreleased joints of goodness.

Y'all can get it hurrrr

To Have & To Hold : Vinyl Documentary

To Have & To Hold - Taster Tape from Jony Lyle on Vimeo.

Paul White & The Purple Brain

An inventive showcase of what’s possible when armed with just a sampler, a few studio toys and a fertile imagination, Paul White & The Purple Brain is the intriguing sophomore album from South London producer Paul White – his first for Now-Again. This album will see release in early June.

First single from this album – Ancient Treasure

And while im doing a Paul White post check Tranqill's version of So Far Away

Paul White - So Far Away (Tranqill's Version) by alexchase

Damu The Fudgemunk - How It Should Sound Promo

This EP features some tracks from How It Should Sound Volumes 1 & 2. H.I.S.S. Vol. 1&2 will be available on April 13th via Redefinition Records. http://damuthefudgemunk.bandcamp.com/album/how-it-should-sound-promo-ep

Low Limit & Lando Kal - The Golden Handshake EP

The debut release from new UK record label Numbers is a heavy beat work out well worth checking. There is a mix they put together for Mary Anne Hobbs up on their website NUMBERS you can buy the Vinyl from Rush Hour or there is this fuzzy-ankles over at XLR8R for a minute.

In the works...

If ya haven't heard yet this man will be making his way to Wellington in the near future (May 12th I think). I don't know if its 100% confirmed but i'd give it a 97.3432% likely hood. So big up Ol'Dip. Shit is gon be FUNK!

Remedy - XXXXX

Remedy mailed us his new mix, Check!

XXXXX by Remedy by Remedy

Tobrock & Fella Vaughn - Rockafella

Some interesting things going on here


Dela - The Robert Glasper Beat Tape

<a href="http://dela.bandcamp.com/album/the-robert-glasper-beat-tape">Kiss by dela</a>

Fatima - Soul Glo

After Hours

J DIlla Donut Shop


Szenario - Dreaming in Public

Dreaming in Public is a trip into the mind of Vienna based producer Szenario, where Mozart meets Lynch, John Cage shares macrobiotic food with Sun Ra & Giant Grasshoppers chase after Giulietta Masina.

Gonjasufi - A Sufi And A Killer

Album has arrived, Production from Gaslamp Killer, Mainframe and Flying Lotus.


Made in Queens

Cool Little Video on a Favorite Bike blog of mine SKULLBIKECLUB

GB Interprets Little Dragon - After The Rain

Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon has been killin it for me lately, was really feeling the floating points remix of Scribbled Paper and now GB (Gifted & Bless) does another dope interpretation of After The Rain. Other tracks from the album feature his take on Exile, Fly Lo, Muhsinah and more. Get it hurrrr

<a href="http://giftedandblessed.bandcamp.com/track/gb-interprets-little-dragon-after-the-rain">GB Interprets Little Dragon - After the Rain by GB (Gifted &amp Blessed)</a>

while I'm at it I might as well post the Floating Points remix of Scribbled Paper (dispite the clip saying After the Rain, I'm pretty sure its Scribble Paper)

Tranqill - Chips And Cheese

Boom bap coming straight outta L Gritty aka London. Check Tranqills bandcamp hurrr.

Gotta give shouts to my unknown neighbour who's net I've been heisting cos mines crapped out. PROPS.

<a href="http://tranqill.bandcamp.com/track/chips-cheese">Chips &amp Cheese by Tranqill</a>

Kid Kapri Coaching Lessons

Ran into this on DJ Day's Like a Throttle blog. I couldn't agree more ! Are you the DJ ? I didn't think so.

Lewis McCallum - Syntheology

So local boy Lewis McCallum has this new LP out.
Do yaself a favour and GO COP IT.

Charanga 76 - Music Trance

Just got the new Bob Blank compilation released on Strut (The Blank Generation - Blank Tapes NYC 1975-1985), this is one of the tracks from latino group Charanga 76 which is one of the many bangers