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Nightmare on Edward Street

Nightmare on Edward St is going down this weekend in the capital and sees two heavyweights in action in the form of Dizz1 (Aus) & Bulletproof (AK).
Dizz1 makes his debut in NZ bringing his blend of future beats which has seen him work with the likes of Mark Pritchard & O'mas Keith of Sa-Ra. And for those on more of the DnB tip Bulletproof will definately have you locked after releasing his sophmore album and causing a stir amongst the internation scene. Add some of Wellingtons finest DJ talent in the form of the Fredericks Crew, Ol'Dip, EX.d & Flava DJ's (thats us jusss!) oh and Machs yo.
AND apparently theres a mad monster which lights up for all you dangeons & dragons fanatics.

James Blagden

Been following this dude for a while. NYC Illustrator extra-ordinary - JAMES BLAGDEN.


Goin down tonight at San Francisco Bath House (25th Oct) and Monday night (26th) at Zen in AK. Beans is in town bringing his brand of abstract hip hop and razor sharp lyricism.
Eru Dangerspiel & Alphabethead opening tonights show, so get along and support that real shit, chur churrr.
Beans - Fingers

Feel Like

Homemade is the name of a brand new producers-project done exclusively for the most famous Bacardi Visita family. Full Crate, FS Green are currently working on a 6 track EP that will represent summer loving vibes at the maximum! Feel like, is their first single Feat. Mar on vocals. Enjoy it, Mar has soul, beautiful voice, perfect listening on a summers day.

HomeMade - Feel Like by visita

Beem - Is This The Future

A track i've been practising my summer dance moves to (shoulder sways, finger clicks, toe taps & neck snappin head nods. check). Beem on the beat and Daniel Dermes providing the wise words. You can download all the tracks here.

Chali 2na Live Band

Chali 2na with live band supported by the homebrew crew,DJ Substance,and DJCXL.Its This thursday people so if you in the auckland area get on down to zen 40 huck gets you in.


Russian Beatmaker fAMA87
myspace here
beattape here


The 1 Night Stands Beat Tape...just under half an hour of raw slapdasheries

myspace here
download tape here

O.G Monday's

We'll the suns out. Makes me want to listen to some old gangster shit. Dust off my starter cap, twist one up, pop a 40' and get my swagger on!
Also, this is the loop used for the glass candy track post on here a while ago, for those that drop by on the regular.

Souljim There is no name EP

2007 beattape from german beatsmith souljim. You heard this guy on the adventures on the sun - the music of sun ra tape. diggn his style particularly the way he cuts his samples.

download EP here
myspace here

Shlohmo / Shlo-Fi EP

Shlohmo drops the Shlo-Fi EP on error-broadcast
I have been pretty impressed by the stuff this label puts out, this EP is no exception
This shit is pretty dope - the influences are obvious, but dude still brings his own flavour
Did I mention it's free? Pick it up and see for yourself :

Shlo-Fi EP

(it's available in flac & 320kbps mp3, your choice)


Vans x People Under The Stairs Remix Contest

People Under the Stairs & Vans 'Hit the Top' Remix Contest Plug from piecelock 70 inc. / thes one on Vimeo.

Came across this at rawdrive, thought I'd post up for all the beat heads.

All the details here



A little something I picked upon wax this week from the wax poetics catalogue.
3dw are a tokyo based electro-fusion group on the same tip as Dam Funk.
Record comes as 2 x 180 gram clear LP (limited to 1500 worldwide).
Heres a link to the wax poetics store where you can check out the tracks from the album and also a selection of tunes from Kensuke of 3dw here. Tasty modern funk for your earhole.

Tsunami Samoa Fundraiser

Tomorrow night sees Wellys finest doing their bit for the Tsunami struck Samoa (Wednesday 14th Oct). It's never cool hearing news like whats been going on in Samoa (and the Phillipines) so its cool that we (and you) can help out by coming down to Goodluck and having a dope night. Throwing down for Samoa will be DJ's Kava, Kanese, Dunc The Funk, Rosco, Marek, DDog, Takkas, Howie D, Riki Gooch, Bobby Crane, Radar & More!
$5 on the door 100% profits to the cause!

Pardon My Hindi

Got this free mix off the Pardon My Hindi blog
It's a pretty chilled out mix, perfect to chill to
It was put together by Koushik
No tracklist, but I'm sure you can recognise a few tunes, and maybe even post that shit up if you can!
I'm actually quite enjoying this stuff, it's a good listen
Anyways, get that fix right here

Mayerhawthorne - The Ills & Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix)

More free stuff, The Mayer gets the synth treatment coutesy of Classixx and also the Ills video.

Q-Tip - Life Is Better (feat. Norah Jones) from nothing on Vimeo.

It's Friday, I got stuff to say!

nuf said!
Heres a nice track to remind us of what's good and fresh in Hip hop, "yU marvelous OG mix" produced by Kev Brown.

Haz'trumentals - Euphoria, Sunshine Roses And Rainbow Loops

More heat coming from the c-box. Homebrew crew in effect aka Haz Beats people.

Diggin the vibe on this one. How much? Free99 yo

Chur cuzzy


J-Rocc vs Jazzman Gerald
Listen to the sampler here

Jazzman site here, buy some vinyl and check the radio shows while your there

The Inside Word

So I thought I'd share some good news I found out today...
Real Groovy Wellington just managed to cop 9000 (yes, nine with three zero's at the end) 12inches. All singles, no LP's. Seen some of the pics todays and DANG that shits got my jaw to the floor. Motown, Stax, TK disco joints, all sorts of mad shit that I'm keen to pillage.
Looking to have a special night for club members and/or DJ's to come have a dig through (hopefully a few days after I've had a chance to get my wicked wing eatin digits in there).

You Can Call Me Your Majesteez

Also, Im quite amped at this turning up in 6-10 Days courtesy of the fine folks at Stones Throw.
The postage actually cost more than the tee, but meh still cheaper than most of the ridicously priced tees round here anyways.

R.I.P. Mr Magic (1956-2009)

It seems death is working overtime at the moment as another pioneer to hiphop is lost. Mr Magic first debuted way back in '83 with the first exclusive rap radio show to be aired on a major station, "Rap Attack". He was partnered in crime with Marley Marl & Fly Ty and together they helped influence a whole generation of hiphop listeners. Props to oldschoolhiphoptapes for the links to some of his radio shows and Omega B for the heads up.

"Every Saturday - Rap Attack - Mr. Magic Marley Marl"

R.I.P. homie


Just copped.. not sure they'll be around that long. Free shipping ftw.. kiwis thats only 40 nz bucks for a slice of pure Ques heat.
If you don't know, Ques is the art brain behind Brainfeeder. view more 'ere --> lcp united

get yours here--> Shine Like Lighthouse