Little People in the City

Inner City Snail.
Something so little can be inspiring through street based installations and photography. A slow-moving street art project utilising the humble snail shell as a medium for 'art'. No snails were harmed, they just had their homes vandalised by Slinkachu

Little people


Kooley High - Kooley is High

Kooley High - Kooley is High (prod. by DeLa) from BECAUSEUS on Vimeo.

Scratch Perverts - Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc

Brittany Bosco - Spectrum 2.0

The re-release of the Spectrum EP with previously unheard tracks and new features here.

Raach City Riot

Ta Raach beat tape from 07

DJ Spinna - A Tribute To Quincy Jones


The Jewel School present Grooveman Spot

GROOVEMAN SPOT a.k.a DJ KOU-G (Jazzy Sport, Japan)
Saturday 26 September
Sandwiches, Wellington

w/ support from:
KENJI SAKAJIRI (Wonderful Noise, Japan)
CIAN (The Turnaround/Conch Records, Auckland)
THE JEWEL SCHOOL (Radio Active 89FM, Wellington)
FRIDAY NIGHT FLAVA (Radio Active 89FM, Wellington)

Some nice tunes on the page too

Freddie Joachim

Check the Downloads & Promos for some of his free music.

Monday weird shit

How's this for album art... watch the vid.

Fashion via Cheese on Toast

Hayden, 22, Student
Wearing: Nike Jacket, Warehouse Tshirt, Levi's jeans, Addias shoes and Yesterdays Meal Beanie
Listening to: The Supremes and Marvin Gaye


Cheese on Toast

Hip Drop local and beat genius making the big time on the streets of Auckland. Fancy


Bronx River Parkway - Donde

Give Truth & Soul Stalwarts Leon Michels, Jeff Silverman, Quincy Bright and Nick Movshon eight days in San Juan, a 200-year-old former ballet school and they'll build a make-shift studio with carefully arranged bed mattresses, team up with the Candela Allstars AND bring you some of the baddest latin rhythms to grease ya hips aka “San Sebastian 152”.

The Remix Project - Mixtape

The Apple Juice Kid, has done it again with another dope free project for you.
The AJK has put together an experimental live band named The Remix Project to put out this cover album/mixtape.This project is a live reinterpretation by The Remix Project of classic songs.

Works well on a sunny morning.

Grab his Miles Remixed here ,an instrumental album using only Miles Davis samples.

Glass Candy - Geto Boys

I know we still got spring, but I can definately feel the Summer vibe coming on.
This track reminds me how much I can't wait for Summer to come around.
Shot Disco Horror for the headzup.

Vinyl Club #5

Vinyl club number 5 is on its way this Saturday (22 Aug) at Southern Cross bar, 2-5pm if I remember correctly. Get in early, the last one was mad busy.

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew on Vimeo.

Enjoy folks

Hubert Daviz - Beatnicks Tape 01

This dude is down with UpMyAlley.

If you don't know, now you know!

The UpMyAlley cats make seriously dope beats

Been loving this tape

Check it:

The Gaslamp Killer - My Troubled Mind EP

This guy puts together some crazy mixes.

He has recently dropped a new ep:


Hurry up if you want the vinyl (only 2000 made apparently!)

Gaslamp Killer - -

Comfort Fit – Polyshufflez

Comfort Fit releases his full-length "Polyshuffelz" via his homebase Tokyo Dawn records. It's available for download now, but a limited CD edition will be online for purchase very soon.

Head over, listen and support.

Grab his album Forget and Remember here for free, Nice chilled one.

14KT - Nowalataz LP

Ypsilanti’s finest, 14KT, Nowalataz. The project is a batch of Donuts-inspired beats from 2006.


He will also be releasing "The Golden Hour 2XLP" on (LIMITED EDITION GOLD VINYL w/ Full Cover Artwork) coming end of September.


The homie St-Liq drops his long awaited digi-ep!

After 13 long years, 14 studios and a gazillion dollars the highly anticipated first EP from St Liquor-ish, formerly and simultaneously Jellphonic, is ripe.

St Liquor-ish first solo EP - "The Lick" smashes jagged beats with sacred subjects such as sex and hating with subtle undertones of grace and pornography.

Collaborations for the EP include the smooth vocals of Lisa Preston on "The Junk" and the Electron Don, Zackey Force Funk on "Money Sack".

Get that ish on the download, Money Sack is the tune of the week!

Full EP for free at 320kbps

Real Fancy.

The quality frame manufacture Super and Barneys Co-Op New York features part two in their collab. I’m really feeling the aesthetic marriage between the original tortoise shell look and wood-grain. Peep part one of the co-op here.

I know my boy Ralph himself appreciates a pair of fancyness. Peace homie


Slum Village - Actin Normal


DaveNotti x Hi-Res - The New Chill

The New Chill by MC, DaveNotti, and producer, Hi-Res. The project is a free EP that not only finds common ground between both solo artists’ seperate, signature sounds but also breaks some new ground as well to forge… well - a New Chill.

More free goodness from over freshselects

Opensouls - Standing In The Rain

The new Opensouls album is out today. MAAAAAD Soul. Go cop It!!!
Check It

Sound In Light - Free Your Mind

Sometimes all it takes is a song like this to blow all the cobwebs off my winter brain. Beautiful, cant wait to hear more from these cats.
This one is a revision of Amnesty's Free Your Mind from the Now Again Resounds comp.

You may also remember the video from PB Wolf's green screen mix that dropped a little while back..

Seeing Felissimo’s “500 Pencils” brings me back to the days of kindergarten where a brand new pack of 64 crayons felt like gold. 500 Pencils is a new unique idea that takes a simple tool (a colored pencil) and turns it into a creative and impressive idea.


Soul Train Line Dance to Fred Wesley & The JB's

Why dont we dance like this no more??!!!!

Super Group's and General Nineties Thug Shit!

Been lots of new ish being hip dropped of late. Gotta stay up with it for sure. BUT sometimes you need that ol' ruff shit!

What a Line up....

Mark Pritchard & Om'Mas Keith - Wind It Up

Now available on 12 to get the masses bouncing, Mark Pritchard & Om'Mas Keith combine like a two piece voltron to bring you a Detroit slash Dirty South 8 bit stomper.

AEED Synesthesia

AEED Synesthesia

Animal Kingdom x HVW8 Presents Starship 27

Animal Kingdom x HVW8 presents Starship 27

aLiVE • Snowman Jack • P.U.D.G.E. • J1 • devonwho • ComPUTER JAY • Teeko ft. Dwight Trible • Dâm Funk • Ras_G • Proh Mic • Dibia$e •
J. Bizness • Moonsatellite • Black Spade • House Shoes

not just a mix of tracks that existed, but each producer made a track for Starship 27.

Best of Bubblers - A Brownswood Mixtape

To celebrate the release of Brownswood Bubblers 4 on the 24th of August 2009, we have put together a special 'Best Of Bubblers Mixtape' featuring a selection of some of our favourite tracks from all four Bubblers compilations. If your new to the Bubblers series, then this will give you a taste of what they are all about. If your a seasoned Bubbler then this mix is sure to press all the right buttons.

Kyle Hall - One Ribbon

A track from 18 year old Detroit producer Kyle Hall. The dudes been making moves over the past few years and has even had backing from fellow Detroit legends Theo Parrish and Omar S.
If your partial to a little deep house or late night grooves then check him out


Found this over at n.m.e blog, fuck the preamble, click the link. well werf a lissun innit.


Eru Dangerspiel Live

If  you've forgotten or just plain don't know...

Girl Trouble Monthly

Fellow kick ass music blog Girl Trouble is bringing Wellington's newest monthly, kicking off this Thursday with Marek, B-Lo and yours truly on the one and 2's. You know the deal by now, funky low end adventures and nothing but the class. Sandwiches, Thursday 13th August. Dont sleep!

Sifunk & Garmunkle - Blooperz

Sifunk & Garmunkle are a duo from NY introduce their debut beat tape for all to enjoy,
Deep sounds and textures and a gangload of ridiculous samples tossed in throughout.

Sifunk & Garmunkle - Blooperz

Live Sessions - Julien Dyne

The Monks - Monk Time

First heard these guys off the Light In The Attic compilation that came with the This Vinyl Crushes Hard Drives LP. Their sound foreshadows the punk movement that was to come with more focus on rhythm, simplistic song structures and anti-war sentiments.

yU presents… Charlie Ross - The Charlie Ross Project

Charlie Ross is a producer/MC that holds true to hip-hop’s more raw and bare-boned boom bap days, while still pushing things forward for today. Charlie is originally from Midland, Pennsylvania but is currently based out of the DC area - however, the EP in question today, entitled The Charlie Ross Project, was actually recorded in 2007 when he was living out in Okinawa, Japan.

R.I.P Baatin

Baatin has passed away.
Just as we started to get excited about the upcoming SlumVillage release, another Detroit talent leaves the world too soon.

Lee Fields - Honey Dove

On the Sunday Soul sessions with Mr Lee Fields. Low down stankin soul grooves laced with Fields incredible vocals. For all you El Michels and Mayer Hawthorne fanatics, sit back relax and let Mr Fields lay it on ya...


Spacey soul distortion from our homie preHISTORIC
some very nice tunes on the page. check: