September Beat Tape 2011

Beat a day beat tape throughout the whole of September. 30 days, 30 beats. All raw who gives a fuck bout mixing this shit. Free Download

Photo by Johnny Rescue aka @honebegood.

We've Moved!

You might have noticed we've been a bit quieter lately, this is due to us moving over to a new site over at . Same shit different place.


@peace 'Be Like' from @ Peace on Vimeo.

Mo Kolours - Drum Walking Mix

Wax Poetics & One Handed Music have hooked this mix up by Mo Kolours who recently released his EP Drum Talking, a record based around...well, drums (and percussion). Hella dope tunes and if you're the first who can give a complete track listing using only the given drummers then your up to win and limited edition (only 20 made) OHM T-shirt. Track list of drummers in the comments. Downloads have maxed out via Wax Poetics but you can still cop it here for now.

White Noise - Love Without Sound

Rolling out my week with this masterpiece from White Noise, a group formed by American David Vorhaus after meeting BBC Radiophonic Workshop composers Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson (of Unit Delta Plus). This is probably one of the most spliced and manipulated records in history, employing numerous tape delays, manipulation techniques and uncanny sound effects (orgasms, double bass sped up to sound like cello and violin and so on). It's hard to describe the record but I would say it is akin to some sort of Gothic theatre (although the cover art does give a good indication of what it sounds like). Matthew Murphy did a great review of the record for pitchfork back in 2007 when it was re-issued. Definately recommended for those broadcast fans out there.


@peace 'Time Travelling' from @ Peace on Vimeo.

Letherette - EP2

Latest from Alex Nuts (Eglo/Rinse FM) Ho Tep imprint bringing another quality EP from UK duo Letherette. This one brings together a few joints you've probably heard floating around in some of their mixes and finally gets a proper vinyl release.

In & Out

Put Em' On Blast V3

The limited Put Em' On Blast mix series is back again with Monky featuring all original productions. Previous releases from Darkhouse Family & Mr Healan have been scooped up pretty quick, so for your free copy email Don Leisure and hopefully there might be some left. 100 copies only. Also there's a bandcamp to be set up in the very near future for some of the mp3's to be purchased, but we'll keep you posted.
More info over at Put That Shit On Blast.

Bleep x Sonar (Free DL)

In the lead up to the Sonar Festival Barcelona, Bleep are giving away two free mp3 downloads everyday up until Friday (Saturday in NZ/Aus). All downloads feature artists participating at the festival and last 24 hours before the next two become available. Todays release is brought to you by Illum Sphere & B Bravo (click the image above to beam you there).

@peace preview

Kicking off my working week with some top shelf heat courtesy of @peace who also released the track Sky Is Falling a couple weeks back. The homies Lui Tuiasau (Nothing To Nobody) & Tom Scott (Homebrew Crew) bring the killer shit with this release. It's due out next month but in the meantime here's a joint to keep ya ears warm. Don't Sleep!

Shouts to Lui for the hookup. Mean.

@peace - Nobody

HipDrop Vinyl Clearout

Dopeonplastika and me are clearing out some records tomorrow at the Mighty Mighty Markets
come get your fingers dusty if you want to pick up some deals. Lots of shit going crazy cheap too many to list and music from lots of different genres. If you are interested and are lucky enough to be in Wellington come down to Mighty Mighty upstairs on Cuba St tomorrow from 1-5pm. Guest DJ playing tunes and I hear there is going to be a stand with Mexican food so after you get your records you can spice up your saturday afternoon.

Zebrahim - In My Heart I Am

Zebrahim sessions with H├Ązel

r&b vibes to conquer cancer

Vanilla - High Life

Choice beat tape from Vanilla right here

Fantastic Man - Say What You Said

Kicking off my Sunday morning with a little Slo-Mo house joint that my homegirl Amy Jean sent through (Thanks!). I don't know what they put in the water over there in Melbourne but it seems to be the place for all things chugg. Fantastic Man and Kolour Recordings come correct on this vinyl only release.
Real Deal.

R.I.P. Gil Scott Heron

Thank you Brother Gil Scott Heron. Rest In Power.

Midnight Eez - Midnight Eez

Loving these rock solid HIP HOP beats courtesy of All City Dublin & Turntablelab.
All City label head has been sitting on these for a good 15 years before he manage to unearth them during a move and now they are here to provide many bluntheads with some theme music.
This is goin' down a treat with my scrabbled eggs, chopped cherizo & hotsauce.
The Bizness.

HipDrop Presents NZ Music Month EP 2011

It's time again for the HipDrop to bring together a varied cross section of new local gems from the wealth of producers and beatmakers that we are lucky enough to have around us.
01 Si_res - These things
02 Ralphhimself - Rap beats 2
03 Dick Darstedly - Dreaming
04 Tony and the tones - Deep in it
05 Cruickshank- Misguided
06 James Skylab - Glass Dance
07 White on Rice - Dream Girl

Click the link on the artists name to find more bits.
Also if you missed last years One
Thanks to all the people who helped make it work.

Mara TK & Lord Echo Duel Release

Mara TK & Lord Echo Dual Release Party.

Instrumental is chuffed to present Lord Echo and Mara TK’s Dual Release Party on the 28th of May at San Francisco Bathhouse in Wellington.

This night of merriment is set to show case the exceptional new musical wares from enigmatic musicians Mara TK and Lord Echo.

Lord Echo aka Mike Fabulous (Black Seeds) will present his "Melodies" in glorious live sound, with his band of feverent followers in tow. The album of the year is now the gig of the year - and your uncle is now your dad! Instrumentation will be mostly wooden and sometimes electric, performed by professional musicians with complete credibility and casual competence. There's Riki Gooch, Samuel Lindsay and Lord Echo's own brother Danny Pash, not to mention some other guys he is yet to find - do you know a trombonist? Special guest singers will sing, clowns will cry, but be warned: this reclusive musical enthusiast may not perform again in the near future due to an overly nervous disposition, so witness the spectacle now or forever hold your peace!

The second half of this dual release party will feature Electric Wire Hustles front man Mara TK and his brand spanking new Red Bull Music Academy Ltd edition 7” vinyl “Taniwhunk”. Recorded at Red Bull Studios late 2010, this 7” of previously unreleased material contains two tracks of soulful spacey goodness that showcases Mara’s golden voice and globally towering musical talents. Throughout this performance Mara TK will be joined by several of his fellow space cadets whose talents will aid this orbital Maori in bringing Taniwhunk’s futuristic vision to life.

Tickets available now from under the radar.

Auckland Church Of Moloch - Moloch ist Mein Gott

I know nothing about this person/persons other than that they're from Auckland and that I like what they do.

Samiyam - Cushion

Taster to the forthcoming Samiyam album which gets released next month.
Heard a couple other new joints off the album on Kutmahs Sketchbook mix, sounding killer.
Thanks XLR8R.