Gigs to get ya ass down to...

Just a lil heads up on a couple of gigs goin down this weekend. Tourettes has got his release party at Mighty Mighty tomorrow night and is also doin a spoken word set down Happy on saturday with Tom from Homebrew (check the Homebrew post from a while back if you haven't already). Also Harbour City have got their release party on saturday down at Hope Bros with the brother Skylab up in the mix.

Horace Andy/Ashley Beedle Remix Comp

Something Mr Tones put me on to during this mornings coffee session.
For all you beat freaks...

Rodney O & Joe Cooley

Some ol school L.A boom bap. Kinda like a West Coast Run DMC meets Miami bass
Rodney O & Joe Cooley - Me And Joe

Go ladies

Radio Active 89fm's Ayesha and Excelle play what will undoubtedly be a mean set for the ladies among you from 7pm this Friday at the Adidas Originals store, Willis St Wellington. Swing by and start your weekend right.

Shackleton - Death Is Not Final

Something deep and slow to roll out the week. I like this dark vibe of shackletons and his rhythms is killer. plus skull disco art work is dope. Anyways...

DJ Quik - Get Up

Getting ya saturday started with some bounce from DJ Quik.
Also big up the ANZAC's. BO!

DJ Quik - Get Up

Souls of Mischief - 93 'till Infinity

Keeping things rollin with another hip hop classic
Souls of Mishief - 93 'till Infinity

Al Barry & The Cimarons

Been a while since we've had any reggae/roots so heres a little something that featured on the "This is England" sountrack (a movie well worth a watch). Hmmm wake and bake?

Al Barry & The Cimarons - Morning Sun

Red Bull Wandering Feet Podcast's

Further to the Fatima, Red bull Academy post from the other day...

"The show features the Fatima/Cuthead track as well as a great interview with Fatima, plus interviews with James Pants and Chas Jankel from The Blockheads and some fantastic music from the likes of Mulatu & The Heliocentrics and Micachu and The Shapes!"

Ras G - Brotha There

Just found this little mix from Matthew David's Leaving Records

Ras G - Brotha There

Ghost Ramp A.K.A Wavves.

Stumbled over a guy out of austin texas called "WAVVES" who has a crazy distorted slacker punk g-funk vibe going on.

He also has a nice blog called ghost ramp covering a lot of classic rap and cool old girl bands ending in ette's...

The Diamond District - In The Ruff

The Diamond District is Oddisee, X.O. & YU. In The Ruff is a raw mid-90’s Boom-Bap themed album for the DC state of
mind, destined to appeal to all lovers of hip hop’s golden era.

Blu & Exile

Blu recently caught some inspiration and added his two cents to a song from Exile's latest album, Radio. So what was once an instrumental “Love Line,” has now become “LoveLine(s),DedicatedToLastFe’vrier.” And as usual for when Blu & Exile connect, the tone is personal and the timing is impeccable.

and here's Exile's BBC Mary Anne Hobbs mix

Electric Wire Hustle EP

Some local releases that I been waiting for aaaaaages to drop! Electric Wire Hustle is a Wellington three piece future soul/hip hop/fresh to def group who have been bringing the fire for while now. Featuring Mara TK on vocals, TaayNinh on Keys (aka Dave Wright) and Drum Maestro Myele Manzanza (with Benny Tones on sound duties). Anyways this release features "Perception" and "Longtime" which you can check on their myspace.
Heres a track from Jake One with Mara TK on vocals (from the redbull music academy website)

Julien Dyne - Pins & Digits

Julien Dyne is back with his new LP "Pins & Digits" which I'm sure is going to be dope as if "Phantom Limbo" is anything to go by. Album features a host of NZ talent such as Jeremy 'Ota' Toy, Issac Aesili, Steph Brown, Jonathon Crayford, Mara TK, Parks and more! The LP is being put out by one of NZ's freshest labels FTC (From The Crates) so cop it when it drops!
Check the sticks demo on his myspace. HEAVY
also a little interview with NZ musician

El Michel Affair - Enter The 37th Chamber

Seeing as it's International Record Store day today I thought I would post a few records to keep an eye out for. The first is El Michels Enter The 37th Chamber which is an instrumental album of Wu cuts (having already released a couple 7's of bring the rukus and dual of the iron mic).
All Killer No Filler


Bangin track I came across on the redbullmusic academy website. The tune features Cohen, Cuthead & Dorian Concept on the beat with Fatima laying down the vocals. Definately one to watch out for

fLako - First Spaceshit On The Moon

Berlin based producer fLako from Up My Alley gives us this free super tight beat tape . Check: The First Space Shit On The Moon

Onra - tRUEradio

This Vinyl Crushes Hard Drives

Something I picked up today...

That’s right, Daptone, Finders Keepers, Honest Jons, Jazzman, Light In The Attic, Now Again, Numero, Sublime Frequencies, Timmion, and Vampi Soul, in a rare act of collective goodwill, have come together and made a high-quality LP at a price you can actually afford. In addition to the deluxe gatefold sleeve with notes by David Fricke and Charles Aaron, we’ve stuffed the entire thing with catalogs, postcards, a magazine, CD samplers, stickers, and whatever other crap we had laying around that couldn’t be pawned off on interns.

This LP is a special release to coincide with the international record store day (18th April). So head on down to your local vinyl spot and see if theres any of these left. I imagine they're going to be ultra collectable in the future, did i mention the tracks are killer!

Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper

Some Grace Jones to keep ya struttin through the long weekend. Her music, style, videos and artwork are all dope, shes kind of freaky but i guess thats half the fun. Oh and it doesn't hurt to have Sly and Robbie on ya rhythm section either

Audio track here

Low End Theory Podcasts

Low End Theory Podcasts

#2 - Mixed by Nobody & Mike Slott
#1 - Mixed by Daddy Kev & Samiyam


Eff me, im digging some battlecat as of late. The swing to this guy's productions is unbelievable. Im glad ive been hipped to some more west coast shit because its a goldmine of soulful, bumping underground gems.
Heres one im digging:

Foesum - The Way We Do (prod by Battlecat)
Ablum - U Heard of Us

Homebrew - Summer Ale EP

Sup people, as you may have seen in the c-box got the word up from haz beats, so thought I'd post up this EP. Had a listen and i'm diggin it, good to see some mad local talent bringing the fresh rhymes and beats. Churrr for the heads up!
and EP...

Infinitskills - Polarized

Black Monk

I came across Black Monk from the Day & Night EP he did with Ras G. Anyways I like the vibes this man gives off, dope vocal samples on his beats aswell.

Beastie Boys - Some Old Bullshit

Kicking off the weekend with some punk. New York hardcore in full effect. BOW!

Hot 8

First heard these guys a few years back when they released this album, which i bought on CD (a rare occurance). Anyways, hailing from New Orleans Hot 8 bring raw energy via brass, percussion and rhymes. Dope covers of Snoop, 50 Cent and Marvin Gaye
And a little vid to see how they get down in real life!

G.L.K at Hella international

Every year in Miami they have a concert called Hella International, For those of us who DONT live in L.A podcast's are our only hope. Here is the MOTHERFUCKINGGASLAMPKILLER'S set
Gotta love the G.L.K's varied selections.

also here's his Mary Anne Hobbs mix