Hi-Fidel & DJ Crucial - Rainbow Beats

I foolishly passed this 12 up one time (maybe I was broke?). I think it now lives in the lair of Dick Dastardly, next to the lava lamp.

Daedelus In Wellington!

So I was going through the tickets at work and I see that this man will be in Wellys on Friday the 29th January @ Bar Bodega. He's also playing out at A Camp Low Hum which should be pretty dang dope as well.

Freddie Hubbard Red Clay

soul/funk influenced hard bop album recorded 1970 featuring

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Joe Henderson - tenor saxophone
Herbie Hancock - electric piano
Ron Carter - bass
Lenny White - drums

Dorothy Ashby Afro Harping

Thanking the brother izzy for the Alice Coltrane post. Got me thinking about doing a sunday jazz specail each week. To kick it off Afro Harping by Dorothy Ashby. Born in detriot, ashby went to school with donald byrd, Gerald Wilson, and Kenny Burrel. Throughout the fifties/sixties Dorothy recorded with the likes of Diana Ross, Earth, Wind & Fire, Barry Manilow, Stevie wonder, Bill Withers, Jimmy Cobb, Frank Wess, and Louis Armstrong.
Here is the 1968 album Afro Harping


Dublab bring more summer heat in the form of the loooong running Secondhand Sureshots project. The project is a documentary into reusing dollar bin vinyl in new forms and the cast includes some of LA's finest - Daedelus, J-Rocc, Ras G. Gotta say im hyped for this one after I heard about it around two years ago.. the trailers een around for a while, more info after the J U M P

Cold Heat 1.5 (The Big Chugg Edition)

Tonight for one night only
Juice Willis, Booker Huffman & Tony Tones present
Cold Heat (The Big Chugg Edition)
PREMIUM rump shakin' Trackno, Chouse, Brunky, Discogo and other misappropriated genres ladled lovingly into your earhole with a side of tasty visuals.
Going down tonight at Betty's Bar/Digital Art Space
Blair St, Wellington
11 'til infinity
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #3

Music Machines

Now one for the AK synth heads (of which going by trademe im sure are plentiful).
Music Machines is a one day celebration of electronic music bringing together New Zealand’s largest collection of classic synthesisers and drum machines.

On the day will be performances from the likes of the Analog Allstars, Lewis McCallum, Nathan Haines, Stress Cadet and more.

They'll be a full room full of synths and drum machines for you to come and get your greasy production fingers on - Moog, ARP, Roland, Korg, Sequential Corcuits, Emu, Waldorf, Akia, PPG. Best get there early then.

12 NOON - 6PM

oh, and if you post up your favourite 'early synth' video on their fazzzbook page you might just sneak in for free.

Shots to J from Bluevibe for the big heads up.

Dead Man's Bones - Pa Pa Power

So apparently Ryan Gosling doubles as a musician teaming up with Zach Shields and a choir of kids dressed in full Haloween steez (how dope is this pic by the way). Anyways Dead Man's Bones taking us out with some Goth choir issssh...

FunkinEven - Kleer EP

So I was having a look over at Conch and seen that this man is blessing our ears with some wax in the form of his "Kleer EP". Featuring Fatima on guest vocals to add a bit more sauce to FunkinEven's galactic escapades.
check the myspace and holla at the boys at conch if ya need this!

Fly Girlz - Born To Be Fly

This tracks been around a for while now but still worthy of a drop.
These two East Brooklyn native MC's (originally a five piece) team up with producer Zebrablood to delivery some dark gangsta shit.
"I was borna be fly, borna, borna be fly"

The Ins x Miles Bonny

Miles Bony covers a Jerry Butler track, yup the same track that Dilla sampled!

Enjoying Miles' take on it


Announcing: The Madlib Medicine Show

More from Madlib. The Man never stops, and why should he...

"Madlib is launching the Madlib Medicine Show, a once-a-month, twelve-CD, six-LP series. The Madlib Medicine Show will be a combination of Madlib's new hip-hop productions, remixes, beat tapes, and jazz, as well as mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music from the Beat Konducta's 4-ton* stack of vinyl".

(*4-tons of vinyl, this is true.)

Another Mayer Hawthorne post

So Mr Hawthorne been killing it of late.... (duh) If you havn't check his alias Haircut.

But the actual point of this post is to put you on to this, which is a flip of maybe so maybe no done by the bluntspeakers... props to fes for the tip, where would we be without the cbox!

Jneiro Jarel

Kind of an oldie now but still sounding as fresh as ever.. Jneiro Jarel - Big Bounce Theory

Fugazi - Life and Limb

rollin out the week with Fugazi on the mellow tip...

The Popular Peoples Front

Really diggin these guys, haven't be able to stop the foot tappin and neck noddin, infectious grooves to say the least! A group of anonymous musicians/DJ's who have been adding there bit of Oomph to some lost gems. To add more weight to the name, The Popular People's Front ONLY realease vinyl. So if you see it for sale digitally "then somebody is ripping off our ripped off music, which is a copyright and philosophical mindfield mindfield, to say the least".
The Popular Peoples Front - I'll Make Your Day

Alice Coltrane - Something About John Coltrane

Been jamming this album a lot lately, Alice Coltrane definately had the goods. Really diggin the whole eastern blues vibe, kinda feels like you've been through some religious experience after it. Plus it makes for good listening while im puffin on the ol greenery.
Shit is deep son.

Tony Toca

Tony Touch's "The Peacemaker" is one of those classic heavy boom bap LP's that you can keep coming back to and find new gems. Been digging this one alot lately, could be the onset of summer...
on another note shouts to Dizz 1 and the whole Fredericks, Ol'Dip, exD, Flava and Slomo crews for tearing up studionine on sat, big night.