Music Machines

Now one for the AK synth heads (of which going by trademe im sure are plentiful).
Music Machines is a one day celebration of electronic music bringing together New Zealand’s largest collection of classic synthesisers and drum machines.

On the day will be performances from the likes of the Analog Allstars, Lewis McCallum, Nathan Haines, Stress Cadet and more.

They'll be a full room full of synths and drum machines for you to come and get your greasy production fingers on - Moog, ARP, Roland, Korg, Sequential Corcuits, Emu, Waldorf, Akia, PPG. Best get there early then.

12 NOON - 6PM

oh, and if you post up your favourite 'early synth' video on their fazzzbook page you might just sneak in for free.

Shots to J from Bluevibe for the big heads up.

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