Dorian Concept - Microkorg

Dam Funk Double Saturday

killer new tune from Dam Funk - "Hood Pass Intact"

...And heres the One Day Later Radio podcast for your enjoyment. Boogie time.

Boogie-Funk master


<a href="">Beat Grinder (Madvillain ReVISIONS project) by Damu The Fudgemunk</a>

Whitefield Brothers re edits and remix's.

The First One was Given to me by a brother in the know...  let it whip (b.cause prowlin' half-time rework)

The Second One is a new Fan Club 45' by Oh no ft. Guilty Simpson ... (another podcast from the kind folk at stonesthrow)


Following conversations of this album on Saturday night here it is for those without. Petestrumentals, good enough for you and ya mum. Straight Classic.
Pete Rock - Petestrumentals

Thats That!

Came by this on Raw Drive and thought I'd post. Anyways, it seems DOOM has ditched the MF and will also drop a new album "BORN LIKE THIS" on March 23rd.
Mr Hone. 

Further to our MySpace Digging sessions, This is a Podcast from him Check it


A long overdue meeting of some of the most innovative underground beatmaking talent in the city. DJ's Skylab, Izz the Wizz, Beans, Mr. Sleep, Ralph Himself and The Audiowhore spinning a mix of their original beats and slept on basement classics. Special toys will be thrown in the mix, frequencies will be fucked with and we will all be bumping till morning.

Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 10:00pm
Burgundy Room (under Bodega)
101 Ghuznee St
Wellington, New Zealand


Heavy tunes from swedish bEATmakers. Listen and learn.
Straight outa Stockholm.


Some Soulful beats for A broke$$ weekend in the aukland fuckin city. The Burgandy room is calling but the lack of $$$$$ means il be on the couch eating boil up. Check the you tube link for some beatmaking inspiration.


Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Heres the Zombie album from revolutionary Fela Kuti. Take African rhythms, a dash of jazz, some James Brown soul dynamite, the political awareness of Bob Marley and you get this man. Anyways, enough ranting, time to get my carnival on.

Beastie Boys Acapella's

Ever wanted to Remix a Beasties Tune...
Here's a couple of acapellas, But when your done better flick the hip drop the remix!

And I'm keeping intergalactic all to my self, "and if you don't like it then Hey fuck you" is on it.

This bundle contains a pair of pie catchers, the 'DJ Tips' cartoon tea towel, and a 'Make Us A Brew' mug. Both a bargain & a great gift!


No it's not. It couldn't be any less of a great gift. And we don't care how many Purple Ronnie cartoons you slap on top of your product Scruff, your music's still the daily soundtrack to first year students who think they know it all because they once downloaded a Tribe Called Quest album. Now fuck off. 

They also got a nice interview with hudmo up. check it

Jones? No Bright

Soul brother Quincy returns from the bedroom to release vol.2 of the My Ghetto Looked Like This EP. No freebies today but a link where you can preview and purchase if you are compelled to do so...

Joe Whaanga

A little skating from Wellys own Joe Whaanga. Who would have thought jazz piano and skating would work so well together - must be the buttery steez of both

myspace pt 3

my 2:


this man i have been following for a long while now, formerly Jay Seventy Two, responsible for the club-stomping-massacre remix of Consequence's "Qu to the Ens" which if you can still get your hands on is sure fire future dancefloor killer. (it was a free dl for a while)
EC Also brought us Brittany Bosco more or less, so thats one more thing you have to thank him for.

Mr Hone

My homie from France, Mr Hone. An incredible knack for chopping the most soulful shit in the most free flowing ways - think the Tribute album by Onra but with a little more bang. Go check his page and leave a nice comment.


Bad Kicks

Bad Brains + Vans Skate Hi's

More Bad Brains Shit, These are tight and I really hope they stay well away from Loaded and All those Cronies...

Bad Brains

Before Damu was kicking beats in his basement in DC, Bad Brains were tearing shit to shreds

This is their first album that was originally a cassette only release, there a quite a few songs from this on their Rock for Light album, but I quite like the way more rawer sound of this.
Bad Brains = Fucking Legends

Mo Fudge From The Munk

Another round of beats from Damu, I really dug Spare Time and this is equally if not more dope than the last. Gotta appreciate the fact that its free as well. Churrr (also I forgot to mention that there are two dope videos included!)
Sup, thought it would be good to start posting up peeps we come across on the myspace. Anyways the two for today are Hi-Res and Dibia$e. Im diggin Hi-Res drums, got that real stepped out shit to it and Dibia$e...well he's just mad.

Hi Res Myspace

Mr Dibia$e Myspace

New Kicks, You could Eat A Sandwich Of Em.

Guilty Simpson is getting better and better. When I first heard him I wondered what the hype was about. These days he's pretty much a sure shot.

             This Is The Money

Be My Valentine

With Valentines day comming up... It'd be a crime not to put this up.
Some will already have it.