Hey Little Rich Girl (The Specials cover)

From her recent Ska EP

Guns Of Brooklyn

Electric dub flavour from Santogold - Guns Of Brooklyn her take on The Clashs "The Guns of Brixton"

The RZA Instrumental Experience

Bootleg album showing some of RZA's finest moments on production, worth clicking a few buttons for.

East Flatbush Project

I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6...

Shirley Ellis - Clap Clap!

Been a while since the last post so to get back into the swing of things...

John Lee Hooker - Travelin'

For those suffering from midweek blues, let Mr Hooker lay it on ya
John Lee Hooker - Travellin'

Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Big Shots

Keeping on with the Stones Throw Boom Bap, fellow San Jose natives

Homeliss Derilex

Boom Bap at its finest...
Homeliss Derilex - Fraudulent EP

Melting Pot

Just some soul jazzy rock grooves to round off the week...

Pharrell & The Yessirs

This is a reworked album (of Pharell's In My Mind) produced by ?uestlove, I didn't think much of the original album but this is pretty dang tastey.

Pharell & The Yessirs - Out Of My Mind LP

Flying Lotus - Shhh!

Six unofficial and unreleased Flying Lotus remixes of Mr Oizo, Nelly Furtado, Madvillian, RJD2 and J Dilla available HERE. And for those who haven't yet copped Los Angeles HERE

Kan I Kick It

Straight outta Oxnard. Kankick is dope and this album is ill, well thats I what think anyway

We Barbecuen Too Hard

A sneak peak at the upcoming Fun DMC album by People Under The Stairs (Due Sept. 30th). Heres the first taste, Another BBQ but for those who can't wait here's the Album (note: low quality).

Menahan Street Band

Menahan Street Band - Make The Road By Walking
check the myspace here

The Wonder Down Under

I heard some inside information from an individual in the know that stevie wonder is doing another show in new plymouth bowl of brooklands. Gets announced tomorrow aparently. Dont wet your pants its just a rumour at this stage but a good rumour at that.

Drums of Death

The Heliocentrics are the real deal. They are “Out There” in the best possible sense of the word. Dig it." ~ Stones Throw Records

Slow Your Roll

2000 hip hop classic. Dope beats AND dope rhymes, like bananas in your cereal

Raekwon El Micheals affair

El Micheals Affair With the Raekwon the chef.

Just one of the many tracks that were done that night..
I just got a 7' of bring the rukus and I'm sure theres more out there.

MPC Championships

The Only MPC Battle in town.Featuring Imon Star (2002 Champ), DJ Mu, Submariner, Julien Dyne, Jeremy Ota, Killamanraro, Jetlag Johnson, Dobie Blaze, Clubba Liang, Rikki Gooch, Rio, P-Money, Kava and more. Judges Manuel Bundy, Downtown Brown & MC Antsman with Slave on the microphone. DAMN!

September 25th
Bar Bodega

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Another track to keep ya mind at ease...

King Heroin

A little smoothness from the Godfather to get through the week

Sexy Ida (Part 1)

Some funk fo yo trunk

Stepping Into Tomrrow (1974)

Representing Detroit...

Dwight Conroy Farrell

Anytimes a good time to play Count Bass I reckon

Julien Dyne - Truffle Shuffle

A Track by New Zealand's Julien Dyne (Opensouls) from his Phantom Limbo EP - Download

Attack The Wack

Madlib, DJ Romes & Wildchild...Need I say more

Soul Brother Quincy

7'' of Mr Brights I copped a while back, 10 tracks...Buttery Goodness

Style Wars EP

For those who have been sleeping on Jay...
New Beat Konducta: Vol 5 Dill Cosby Suite.


Vinyl Club #2

Buy, Sell, Trade & Drink
2-5pm 6th September
Southern Cross Bar,

Guiltier than OJ

Some GS to get the system BUMPING...
(The American Dream, Clap Your Hands, For The D, Make It Fast)