Jess Harlen

This chick is from Melbourne, signed to Obese Records in oz. She makes sweet soul music and mean videos too. Shot @Filiana for the introduction.


Hot or Not?

What you say?

Eru Dangerspiel - Great News For The Modern Man Live At Auckland Town Hall CD/DVD

Tomorrow (26th July) sees the release of this epic concert on CD/DVD.
If you were fortunate enough as I was to witness this gig then you'll know what to expect, headnodic grooves, gutsy vocals and more swing than an orangatang.
Below is a clip of "Maia" from the forthcoming DVD which features Mara TK and the legendary Whirimako Black. Stay tuned as Eru and crew bring the show back to Auckland on the 8th of October and down home to Wellington on the 9th.
Buy Tickets and get more info at LOOP. Get in early or miss out!

Dirty Science - Radio Remixes

<a href="">GB (Radio Medley) by Dirty Science</a>

Love this track, hit the bandcamp and have a listen!

Nothing To Nobody

Some tracks from my boy Lui direct from AK.
Not too sure why it's not embeding the new tracks, so go and holla over at the soundcloud for the fresh stuff. Keep and eye on this smooth operator y'all.

Arawak - Accadde A (1970 Squirrel Records)

Kicking off the week with some Jazzy grooves direct from Italian Arawak aka Benito Simoncini.
Most likely recognised by beat heads from Quasimotos Real Eyes which lifts the track Accadde A Bali (which I believe loosely translates to Happened in Bali). Below are two other finely constructed cuts Accadde A Harlem & Accadde A Belfast.

Shouts to Victor Kiswell and Dust & Grooves for the knowledge. I recommend reading some of the interviews with Kiswell and other diggers over at D&G.

Accadde A Harlem

Accadde A Belfast

Dunkin Donuts

Found this dope Dilla tribute tape on UsedNeedles. It's pretty dope. Get some fresh Donuts now!

Flying Lotus - MmmHmm music video (taken from Cosmogramma)

Dope video I found posted on the UsedNeedles blog. This shit is off the chain! Big up Flying Lo!

Om - At Giza

Seriously good stoner rock from duo OM. This was perfect listening at 1am after watching nearly 5 hours of heavy metal. Shouts to Some Bastard who I believe will be witnessing their live show tonight. More like Lucky Bastard!

Double Time Spittin' Double Feature

back in the day Welli library had the absolute no-bullshit best collection of free cd's you ever saw. One time I picked this up.. it's stuck in my head ever since - 1998.. Divine Styler - Wordpower 2 Directrix. If you didnt know then get to know now. Out of print now but if your quick you can skafe the big flat black copy off here for under 5 pound as I have done. Safe!

Divine Stylez - The Grand Design

Plus it predated this next tune by about ten years - And possibly served as the blueprint.. hmm.

Jay Electronica and Zed Bias - The Cauldron

Sun Ra - Pink Elephants


Finally got connected to the world from my place.
Rounded up some beats I been making lately with a different name on em ..
have a geez and call it what you will, trends towards the steppers i reckon.
<a href="">LIMBO by Hip Drop Presents</a>


Ta-Ku & Haz' Presents - June

Myself & Ta-Ku present to you 60 beats we produced threw the whole of June. Dropping a beat every day sometimes two. Expect another similar project from us real soon. Big shout outs to Matt Beaton from Treehouse for the cover art, the people at Paperchain & my bro Ta-Ku!

All beats are for sale, so if your keen on any production/beats off the tape email:

Brainfeeder Feature in RIP IT UP

Hip Drop Homie Martyn Pepperell has done a stand up job on this feature. Covering what is possibly the most active/interesting music community in the world right now. Go get Rip It Up for the scoop or head here to check it online.

Orchestra Of Spheres

Orchestra of Spheres have recently released their Nonagonic album, a genre bending effort which I can only describe as a Gypsy Sun Ra Archestra. If your keen on the album check your local record store (in NZ) or have a look over at the Sound & Light Exploration Society. Below is the opening track "Hypercube".

Hermon Weems

This one goes out to Hermon Weems who passed away recently, who wrote and arranged a number of Northern Soul classics and designed logos and covers for the likes of Funkedelic and The Temptations.
You can read more about the man here and here

Diggin 45's

Thought I'd share a couple 45's I picked up this week, nothing rare but kinda interesting and dope for samples, the first ones a 7" CBS put out of african tribal dances and the music that goes with it. Obviously lots of percussion to chop up as well as chanting and what not.

Also picked this up, its a comic book/record of Space 1999 a popular television program from back in the day. Full of samples for all those galactic beat heads.

Scratch 22 & DJ Paydirt - Afternoon ARC x ABC Mix from Scratch22 at

Scratch 22 & DJ Paydirt - Afternoon ARC x ABC Mix from Scratch22 at