Count Bass D and DJ Pocket - In the Loop

Just checked my email today, and was pleasantly suprised to find this link:

In the Loop

As with anything the Count does, it's dope

"This album is a collaborative effort by Count Bass D and his long time friend DJ Pocket, who has recently decided to add MCing to his list of musical endeavors. Both Count and Pocket are Djays & producers but, they chose to let their selections do the walking on this LP. "In The Loop" is one of many albums that are set to be released between the two of them, as they pride themselves on "ACTIVITY" being their motto in 2010."

Space Invadas - Follow the Signs Mixtape

Space Invadas is a project from Steve Spacek and Katalyst


VTech and Mochilla Presents - Hear The World

Features exclusive music from the Suite for Ma Dukes Orchestra, Exile, Madlib's Jackson Conti project, Karriem Riggins, Mulatu, Arthur Verocai, Azymuth, Quantic, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and more.
 Hear The World

Gonjasufi - Candylane

Christoph El Truento - Pretty Butterflies Mixtape

Chris sent us this dope mixtape, get ya copy here

DANIEL DRUMZ & MR. KRIME "Music for night people" mix-cd - promo from Daniel Drumz on Vimeo.

The Class of '09

Tonight at The engine room, The Tugboat. A vibe-heavy wrap-up of all the best cuts from 2009. Let's get buck wild!

Lonnie Smith THINK!

Blue Note Soul Jazz in the the form of Lonnie Smith THINK!. Dr Lonnie Smith was born July 3, 1942 in Lackawanna, New York. Lonnie is recognized as an exceptional player of both the Hammond B3 organ and piano. This is Smiths second album released in 1968.

Lou Donaldson Hot Dog

The Blue Note Alto Saxophone player Lou Donaldson released this album "Hot Dog" in 1969. Sampled heavily throughtout the 90's by many including Brand Nubian.

Massage Magazine Release tonight

Need i remind you all it's now officially Friday night - and heres a suggestion to start it off right..

take it away facebook

Meow, Cafe 149 Willis St. Wellington
from 7pm..

This is the 're-release' for MASSAGE MAGAZINE,

we have Ryan Jellyman, Mica Still, Drypnz, and PNTR

photography and sketches and bits and bobs you would never see from sketchbooks, an interesting first installment that has a long term plan to grow. a little object that can be taken away and saved for a rainy day.

we have so much room to grow, it's an exciting prospect.

the little party will have DJs mixing and some drinks to be had.
COME MAKE IT A GOOD ONE, might be some live painting as well. coin donation for the magazine..

see you there !

starts at 7, couple of the hipdrop crew and fam will be in the mix, and the magazine is dope and worth picking up.

Random Dubstep Funnies

So I was trawling this geezer bike blog and saw this. Pretty crack up little player/sampler thing.
Click the pic to visit the player, weirdo skallywags!

The RZA - Got Damn!

Wednesday Febuary 17th
San Francisco Bathhouse
Thursday the 18th
The Studio
kinda stoked AS right now.
Guess I'll see you there...
(another DOPE artist will be rockin into town the same week, more info to come!)

Bott Scarry - Come Down Easy

More niceness from Dublab, on the 60's tip.
and the link to
shouts to St Liquor-ish mean.

Ota Presents: The Mixtape of Deadly Soul Vol.1

So just trawling through my facebook and came across a couple of very worthy drops. First up is this mix from Ota...
I made this mixtape before embarking on the new Opensouls album – “Standing in the Rain” It covers a large range of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s soul and I used it as a reference for recording instrumentation and vocals.
Shouts to Parks for the tipoff

ATHF Colon Movie intro

Managed to get through two movies at work today, one was Zatoichi and the other was Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres. For all those who lack the proper movie going etiquette, heres a little assistance.

(this one goes out to Some Bastard)

Paul's Ark - Morris Wilson Beau Bailey Quintet

So continuing on with the Sunday Jazz sessions (I believe you only lasted one week Mr Dastardly, where you at?). Been on the spiritual/political jazz tip of late, listening to a lot of later Coltrane, Achie Shepp & Pharoah Sanders, so have been really diggin this release from Stones Throw (yet again). Beautiful music for yo es-oh-you-el.

Real Groovy Wellington DJ Night

In case you didn't know of plain forgot the record sale for Real Groovy Wellingtonis going down tomorrow night (Thursday Dec 3rd), starting from 6 and hollarin till 9. Live DJ's in effect and Good Luck will be down to introduce their new menu of cocktails. Have already found a few gems (such as the lovely Ms Shante featured below), although I'm gonna have another last plough through just in case. Might want to bring your numchucks as you could be warding off some of these Wellington DJ's trying get their mits on ya gold.

Original Fly Girl

So The brother Iz Passed a little heat my way the other night in the form a 12' I've been hunting for a minute now, which Inspired this post today. In a similar Steez to the fly girlz post form the other day. Here's the Original Fly Girl, "The micro-phone grand Mistress" Roxanne Shante. The video Below shows her vocal tallents. I especially like her take on B.D.P "Broken down Punks"