Massage Magazine Release tonight

Need i remind you all it's now officially Friday night - and heres a suggestion to start it off right..

take it away facebook

Meow, Cafe 149 Willis St. Wellington
from 7pm..

This is the 're-release' for MASSAGE MAGAZINE,

we have Ryan Jellyman, Mica Still, Drypnz, and PNTR

photography and sketches and bits and bobs you would never see from sketchbooks, an interesting first installment that has a long term plan to grow. a little object that can be taken away and saved for a rainy day.

we have so much room to grow, it's an exciting prospect.

the little party will have DJs mixing and some drinks to be had.
COME MAKE IT A GOOD ONE, might be some live painting as well. coin donation for the magazine..

see you there !

starts at 7, couple of the hipdrop crew and fam will be in the mix, and the magazine is dope and worth picking up.

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MasalaBean said...

heya:)Just wondering Is there room/ space for new people to get involved in the project... or how someone get involved :):)