Shanalog - End Of Summer Mixtape

The homie Shanalog has sent through this all New Zealand mixtape he's put together which is a nice prelude to NZ music month. Definately a few peeps to keep your ears open for. Tracklist is posted in the comments. Shot cuz!

End of Summer Mixtape by Shanalog

Abacus - My Brazillian Love

The Definitive Sounds Of Prescription Records Vol. 1 Compiles 9 classic, hard to find Chicago house tracks

Kutmah - The New Error Vol.2 (sampler)

Preview to The New Error Vol.2 Mix by Kutmah and Hit+Run.
Probably one of my favourite DJ's when it comes melding new and classic joints with really obscure shit. As always though, quality+heavy. While your at it check his mix of unreleased Madlib instro's.

Dam Funk Mix for oki ni

The man Dam Funk just dropped this nice little collection of tracks for dope online store oki ni
Here's what the man himself had to say:

“All songs were taken from the original wax pressings. This mix is what I simply listen 2 on any given day, while living life. It's a pleasure to share these tracks with my new oki-ni friends. I own all of these records. No mp3s or computer files were used for this mix. No fake shit or fads; just the truth.”

oki ni has a really wide selection of clothes and shoes, all at quite fair prices. They got plenty of other cool mixes available for download too. Found over at Stonesthrow

Damn Sam The Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation - B.J.

Spent the last few days up in Auckland (shouts to the Dick Dastardly & Dylan C up at Base FM).
Picked up a few new bits and pieces, with this being the pick of the lot. STOMPING 1970's rhythm and blues infused funk from O.C. Tolbert with the help of Jack Taylor and The Soul Congregation (built outta Detroit musicians). Anyways, if your lucky enough to find an original copy (which you probably ain't) then you've hit the jackpot cause it goes for large Benjamin Franks.

Modern Jazz - Industry

Here's a dope synth pop band outta Australia, released in 1986 off Cleopatra Records.
I was pretty blown away when I played this record on 45, really sounds like something James Pants would do (try it if you've got the vinyl), or maybe it was just the weed.

Herbie Hancock - And What If I Don't

Had this one on play this morning, Herbie Hancocks second album (I've been giving his more celestial influenced Sextant lots of lovin' as well!). Some really dope cuts on here which is not too surprising considering that lineup (really diggin' Tony Williams steez on the drums). King Cobra is another killer track but this is just a good end of week jam on that "everythang gon be aight" tip.

fLako - The Mesektet Album Snippet

Lookin' foward to this one from fLako via Project Mooncircle.
Hit up the bandcamp for a free download of "Trujana".
Out on the 6th of May.

Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape Vol.2

The homies over Rapohnelizenz have just put another fine selection together.
Name your price over at the bandcamp.

Record Store Day

So it's record store day today, a celebration of independent records stores and the whole culture that comes with it. So take some time to go visit your local spot, have a dig and support a really dying art. With the closure of Real Groovy Wellington & Christchurch, it's quite a blow, but fortunately there are still a number of stores doin it. I thought I'd post a link to a little video on conch as Cian makes some good points on how the record/record store game is these days. Support it, cos one day it might be gone and you'll have to dig through more dumpster than your used to. (shouts to Andy M for puttin me onto the vid)

Frank Mitchell Jr - Booty Lock

A very slick 70's tinged heater from Washington DC's Frank Mitchell Jr, who wouldn't sound out of place on the more 80's focused Peoples Potential Unlimited (also based outta DC). That falsetto is a perfect accompaniment to a fly honey, fireplace and glass of pinot noir (oh and some trees, can't forget the trees).

Booty Lock by ESLmusic

Co.Fee - Easy Listening Promo

This just got released today. check his "spark plug" joint released via xlr8r last week for a taster. It's no real secret I'm a fan of ethnic/world music and I dig the way co.fee incorporates it into his sound (Nahid Akhtar anybody?). Anyways you can order the 10" from myhollowdrum or hit up ya local mp3 stockist.


Ikonika is Playing Wellington on friday.
Ikonika's music fits somewhere into the post dubstep thing thats going down right now. She has an album out on Hyperdub, as well as starting her own label called Hum and Buzz with fellow artist "Optimum". Her music features a lot of video game type noises and really interesting synth melodies and textures. Big up National radio for having a dope little interview with her on saturday afternoon's Music 101 show. Get your tickets to fridays show from or Cosmic corner.

Ta-Ku - 24 Beat Tape

Check out Ta-Ku's new beatape "24" out via SOULECTION (L.A). Free download available here :

Laxmikant Pyarelal & Asha Bhosle - Yeh Dhuaan

Picked this one out of a heap that work were donating to a Christchurch fundraiser a few weeks back. I carted about 10 crates up town, so of course I had to have quick look myself. Amongst a couple James Brown & Prince Far I 45's was this. It's the soundtrack from "Dilaur Deewaar" a late 70's Bollywood flick. You might recognise this cut from the J-Rocc track "Party (Boogie Man Remix)". This particular tune is sung by Asha Bhosle with the music and lyrics by Laxmikant Pyarelal & Anand Bakshi respectively. Coincidently both tracks run for 5m.31s.

Laxmikant Pyarekak & Asha Bhosle - Yeh Dhuaan

J Rocc - Party (Boogie Man Remix)

DJ Spell EPK

The cuzzy spell drops his EPK. If you don't know or ain't heard, this ma'ucka right here is one of NZ's livest DJ's. I haven't seen anybody rock the decks with more enthusiasm than this man in a long time. So when he says he's a bad mutherfucker, well, you better believe it.

Kazi & Madlib - Blackmarket

Lost tracks from '96 with Kazi & Madlib.
CDP in effect!

Parallel Dance Ensemble - Posession And Obsessions EP

Picked up the 45 of "Run" the other day, so I decided to see what the homies been up to since "Turtle Pizza Cadillac" and "Run" (which was initially released back in 2009 as well). Turns out they've just put out a 9-track EP, "Posessions And Obsessions".


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Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Festival

This is one of the best "festival" lineups that I have ever seen. Set in the small fishing town of Sete in the south of france. What I wouldn't give to be there...

Check out the site for more info.

Riki Gooch - Cave Circles 2

The cousin just put up the latest Cave Circles. Make sure your laces are tied, you might just trip over your own dang leg.

Scratch 22 - Distance From View EPK

Damn NZ is puttin' in some quality work at the mo. Scratch 22 with more heavy shit to prelude the coming debut released on 18/04/11.

Carl Carlton - This Feeling's Rated X-tra

It's hot out and I ain't got no work.

Me & Carl Carlton are gon get lit and go serenadin'...

Christoph El' Truento - Wednesday EP

Our good friend Christoph El' Truent just dropped this gem. Its up for free download but I recommend all you mugfaces to pay for it, even its just $1 or $5. Shot Truent!