Shanalog - End Of Summer Mixtape

The homie Shanalog has sent through this all New Zealand mixtape he's put together which is a nice prelude to NZ music month. Definately a few peeps to keep your ears open for. Tracklist is posted in the comments. Shot cuz!

End of Summer Mixtape by Shanalog

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dopeonplastika said...

Track Listing:
1.Dead Face-Writing Approach
2.Natan-Lazy Sunday
3.Jack 2- Hall 2011
4.Attention to the deaf- King Tide
6.Forest Spirits- Song and Dance
7.Cities and sleep- Cybernetics
8.Shanalog- Crystal Caves
9.Attention to the Deaf- WulfWulf
10.Team Catfood- Turf Out
11.Cities and sleep- Tornado