RUN VIE – The Festival Compilation 2010

Free tunes from fLako, Robot Koch, Dorian Concept, The Clonious, Swede:Art, Suff Daddy, Free The Robots, Aloe Blacc, 1000names, to promote the RUN VIE festival happening in Vienna.

Check it here

California Flight Project - California Flight

Attention all passengers your California Flight number 1980 will be taking off shortly. Our destination will be to all radio stations, disc jockeys and discotheques, please secure your headphones for the sounds you are about to hear.. California Flight's gonna take you for a ride

Space Dimension Controller - Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere

This has been around for a minute now, but we're not really about being the first to tell you about stuff. More heat coming from Space Dimension Controller who is definately one to keep an eye out after last years "Love Quadrant". If you like this then there's the free album of remixes and such of Unidentified Flying Oscillator available from

D:unk - Snow Storm

Here's a fresh one from my boy D:unk straight outta Aro valley.
Gotta say he's going from strength to strength and the beats are only getting better.
More from D:unk on the upcoming Hip Drop 2 compilation out soon.

<a href="">sNoW StOrM** by D:UNK</a>

Bugseed - Bohemian Beatnik

Startin off the week right with more beats direct from Japan.

<a href="">Bohemian Beatnik LP by bugseed</a>

Pastor T.L Barrett - Like A Ship (Without A Sail)

More fire from Light In The Attic in the form of this killer gospel release.
I'd be at church every damn week if the music was this good.
Anyways sit back relax and wash Saturday nights sins away with the Pastor.

DJ Mitsu

Jazzy Sports' own DJ Mitsu the Beats, One of the freshest artists out of Japan is
hitting town for one night only. There is also a competition running with Wakefield Hotel and Iko Iko, so hurry along in and sign up to win the DJ Mitsu mega prize pack which includes a pair of Japanese trainers from Onitsuka Tiger, a $50 voucher from Wakefield Hotel, a grab bag of goodies from Iko Iko and FOUR tickets to DJ Mitsu The Beats at Sandwiches

Saturday 25 September

w/ support from:
TARO WASSUPSKI (Jazzy Sport, Japan)
CIAN (The Turnaround/Conch Records, Auckland)
THE JEWEL SCHOOL (Radio Active 89FM, Wellington)

download the "one for the jazz, two for the sport" mix here and for more info check

the Jewel School website

Sound Inspired Visual

On Saturday I witnessed some super live talent. In the form of " Sound Inspired Visual "
as DRYP NZ and GUNTER painted live to the weird and wonderful sounds of IZZ THE WIZZ and the AUDIOWHORE.

Each pair improvised their way through four seasons, beginning with spring and ending in winter. 10 minutes a season. (official Hip Drop Time keeping) They swapped from one corner of Meow Cafe on Edward St to another, for a total of 120 minutes. Here's some photos to show the vibe. Cool idea with heaps of scope for improvement. Let's record the next one.

Vanilla - Chrometrails

On high rotate this weekend, Check it here

Eru Dangerspiel 7"

Local musician/beat bandit Eru Dangerspiel has just had a 45 pressed up and man its dope!

Co-produced with Sean Deans this 7 features two fresh beats not available off his Great News For The Modern Man album. A side features the track Chillimoules and on the flip is Bluubawl. Both are fresh as hell. Cop them while you can as there's only 100 in existence. If your keen on picking one up then hit up

$20 a pop (+ p&p if outside wellington)

And don't forget to hit up the show when it rolls through town.

Auckland Town Hall - October 8th

Wellington Town Hall - October 9th

tickets available from Loop

B.Lewis - La Semaine

New one from B.lewis! grab it here.
Do have a listen to his tune Saddle Up, also on his bandcamp. Tip!

You Ain't It (Lazer Sword Remix)

You Ain't It (Lazer Sword Remix)


Words courtesy of Martyn Pepperell
Photography by Theo Jemison

Samiyam Brainfeeder/Hyperdub (USA)

I could write an introductory paragraph here, but if you check this blog on a regular basis, you know who Samiyam is! Besides, with a bio like this, why fuck with magic.

"Since the year 2004, Sam has been the proud owner of two midi cables. They are currently in his closet under some other shit"

"sounds like: got a gun, screw driver, a knife and shank/ plus I break face bones with my platinum rings"

"Tools: Sam, the MPC 27000XXL, the Motif, the Triton, the Fantom, a crate of $1bin soul records and a platinum MIDI-toaster oven"

Cool. Good to finally talk to you man! I gotta let you know, some people out here are pretty excited about you passing through New Zealand and Australia!

Yeah man, I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve had a few people hitting me up about it online, like, I saw that you were coming to my city. Actually it’s probably the most for any tour or shows that I’ve done!

Heavy! So, let's get down to business. How long has music been part of your life for?

Always, always! For most of my life I have felt like music is the most important thing! I used to draw a lot, that used to be my main creative outlet, but still, I felt like music was the most important thing. I was always listening to music and it was always a big part of my life. If my parents ever needed to punish me, they would have to steal my boombox or something.

Word to that! So, can you remember when music first really captured you?

In what way, like an album or a song that was really special?

Yeah yeah, just a moment!

Honestly, [It was] Michael Jackson [man!] That was when I was first like, wow, this is the shit. I used to be in front of the mirror doing all the dance moves and I knew all the lyrics and everything! That was the first music I got lost in.

I’ll tell you what, now that is a universal experience people all over the world can relate to. How old were you then?

How old was I then? I guess I was like six or seven years old!

I hear that! So, when did the DJing and production buzz kick in for you?

Right at the end of high school! I had been interested for a few years in the production side of Hip-Hop. I went through a long time of, like years, when I was only listening to Rap, and I really got into DJ Premier and Alchemist and I really wanted to find out how dudes like that were making their stuff. At the end of high school I got an MPC and was trying to make some beats.

Word! How did it progress for you?

So I got the, what do you call it? The MPC and I just sat around looking at it for years. Nah, not really, I made a few beats on it, but it was a lot to start with, I just bought it because I was reading about it in all these interviews, but I was too young to come up with an idea like trying the machine before actually buying it. I just bought it because a bunch of my favourite guys were using it, and I tried to use it for a few years, then I switched over to the SP-303, and that was when I started really feeling like I was making the ideas that were in my head. It was easier for me to use that kind of simpler sequencer. This was in Ann Arbor, Michigan, right after high school.

What about DJing?

That came later, because I was pretty much the opposite of all those dudes whose interviews I was reading. Like DJ Premier was like, "yeah, I DJed for ten years and then I decided to make some beats!" For me I was making beats for five or six years and then I started letting people hear my music. Actually I started getting offers like people trying to book me and I wasn’t set up, so I had to figure out how I could play my music to people. So DJing and performing came after I’d been making music for ages.

So, having loved music from such a young age, is it safe to assume you grew up in a musical household?

My mum and dad always listened to different types of music! My dad was always listening to Jazz, so I was always hearing all kinds of Jazz, everything from Traditional to crazy Free Jazz. My mum used to call it noise music! She was like, "Why is this guy just banging on the piano like a madman?" My dad was just like, "because that is what he wants to do!" I think a bunch of the influence comes from listening to all the crazy Jazz stuff my dad was always playing, when we drove around and when he was hanging out at home, he would always have music playing on the stereo, neither one of them had played an instrument for years, but they always had good music playing on the stereo.

Cool, now, with your production, while you do the sample flip thing also, you're known for having a real digital sound. What do you think made you gravitate towards such synthetic music?

I only listened to Hip-Hop for years when I was growing up, and I just got really into the instrumental side of it. Also I used to listen to a lot of [soul, RnB and Funk], and I still do, but I say used to because I went through phases of only listening to one type of music. I would always listen to things like Soul records or Eighties RnB shit and just hear one four bar part that I just wished I could hear looping for three minutes or whatever. Anyway, I just started thinking like that, and I don’t know which came from which, whether that is what it was, just wanting to hear the dopest part of a record, according to some producers ears, looped up or if It was listening to that music, the old seventies, eighties, RnB, funk, whatever and, I dunno, I’m not sure which one came first, me wanting to hear little loops, or the fact that that could have just been from listening to so much Hip-Hop and it started making me think about things in those [sort of looped] terms.

Yeah yeah, I hear that, codified structures!

Yeah, [I think] that is pretty much where it came from, just listening to a bunch of Hip-Hop, [that is where I got] the interest in the Beat stuff, you know?

Cool! How did you connect with Flying Lotus and the rest of the Brainfeeder boys?

Actually, years ago, a friend of mine from back home convinced me to start a myspace page, which at the time I thought was just the silliest shit ever. He was showing it to me one day and he was like, "People listen to my music in fucking Switzerland and Bolivia and tell me how much they fucking like it." I was like, "Yeah, I guess that is kinda cool". So I started this page. I put up some beats at the time. I don’t remember exactly how we found each other, but [Flying] Lotus and I, we listened to each others music and got in contact, and you know, we decided to collaborate on some shit.

So you guys met on the internet?

Yeah yeah, that is basically it, we met on the internet. It was like, I like your beats. Dude, I like your beats. Let's make some fucking beats man. It was pretty much as simple as that.

That's a very modern way to form a friendship isn't it?

Yeah, basically, it was a friendship of the new millennium! What do you call it, after we had been collaborating on music for a while, just sending sounds back and forth; doing songs like that, then I came out to L.A. a few times. I came out twice before I moved here. I got to go to Low End Theory, I got to play at Low End Theory, which just blew my mind. I’d never been to any show like that. I met a bunch of these dudes here, like Willie [The Gaslamp Killer] and his roommate who I’m chilling with now. I met these guys when I first came out here and they’re good friends of mine now. I met a bunch of other people who were closely involved with the Low End Theory group and it just kind of went from there really. I really liked it out here and I felt like I could really get along with a lot of these people I was meeting. So I moved out here!

Mean. Now, one of your more notable releases is your Rap Beats Vol.1 CDR. How did your career and life change after you put that out?

It was really noticeable when I put it out, because I was broke and had just been fired from my job! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I was skipping meals and shit, than I just decided to [put something together]. I had all those beats and at first, I put it together as a kind of thing to shop beats, but then I decided to let some people hear it. They were just like, "Dude, you should just sell that shit! Just put an album cover on it and sell it! Call it a compilation!" That is what it was really - a compilation of ideas in songs, and things really started picking up straight after that.

Samiyam will perform in Wellington on the 9th of September at Sandwiches Nightclub with support from Alphabethead, Sons Of Puha, Zacinfact + Amuse, Angus and The Audiowhore.

Tickets are available via / or Real Groovy & Samurai Store.


The first in a double header of interviews from Martyn Pepperell...

Over the last four years, Truth have managed to DJ and produce their way through a ludicrous range of scenarios across the globe, in the process becoming New Zealand's most recognisable international dubstep export. From receiving record deal offers on Christmas day while sailing near Mexico, surviving full on bar-brawls at gigs in Texas to inadvertently giving the likes of Magnetic Man member Artwork a quick tutorial on the history of dubstep, their rise, while artistically credible to death, has been full of bizarre moments.

Having performed around the world, rocking crowds at seminal events such as DMZ in Brixton, operating from their base in Christchurch, they have crafted a sound which, in the words of former Radio 1 programming director Simon Wallace, "has to be felt to be believed." Continuing on from the buzz they built with their Deep Medi records released single 'The Fatman', a genuine anthem in the international dubstep scene, they have just released their debut album, Puppets, a long player set to solidify their artistic vision.

As part of their promotional efforts for this release, Truth are giving away free DJ mix downloads at their soundcloud page -

For more information, check the following links:

Home Brew - The Good Country Tour - 2nd Leg

We're on the 2nd leg of our Good Country Tour & if your in either one of the three cities were playing come threw & get drunk with us.

9th Sept - Powder Keg - Ohakune
10th Sept - The Royal - Palmerston North
11th Sept - San Fran Bath House - Wellington

Sun Araw - Ma Holo

Seriously good psychedelia to float us into the week ahead.
Sun Araw produces one of the most solid efforts this year with his album On Patrol.
Below is the opening track Ma Holo.

Be sure to check him when hits Auckland & Wellington next month.
14th October - Happy
15th October - Whammy

Rapohnelizenz - The Beat Tape Vol​.​1

Julien Dyne - Deaky Video

Julien Dyne - Deaky! from WONDERFUL NOISE on Vimeo.

Dope vid from local beathead and Jazz aficionado Julien Dyne who just so happens to be gracing Wellington.

This Friday at the matterhorn : riki gooch ( eru danderspiel ) , mara tk ( electric wire hustle ) and julien dyne ( BBE / wonderful noise ) playing all original works /(fresh productions) and album cuts + live beat improvisations , special guest dj buttafingers aka harlin davey ( opensouls)
come on up !