The first in a double header of interviews from Martyn Pepperell...

Over the last four years, Truth have managed to DJ and produce their way through a ludicrous range of scenarios across the globe, in the process becoming New Zealand's most recognisable international dubstep export. From receiving record deal offers on Christmas day while sailing near Mexico, surviving full on bar-brawls at gigs in Texas to inadvertently giving the likes of Magnetic Man member Artwork a quick tutorial on the history of dubstep, their rise, while artistically credible to death, has been full of bizarre moments.

Having performed around the world, rocking crowds at seminal events such as DMZ in Brixton, operating from their base in Christchurch, they have crafted a sound which, in the words of former Radio 1 programming director Simon Wallace, "has to be felt to be believed." Continuing on from the buzz they built with their Deep Medi records released single 'The Fatman', a genuine anthem in the international dubstep scene, they have just released their debut album, Puppets, a long player set to solidify their artistic vision.

As part of their promotional efforts for this release, Truth are giving away free DJ mix downloads at their soundcloud page -

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