Guilty Simpson x Roc C - Ox 2 The D

Came across this over at One O'Clock. Soul Professa drops this EP of tracks he produced for the GS & Roc C mixtape. Check the bandcamp page and cop the whole EP for free.

J Rocc previews Some Cold Rock Stuf on BBC Radio 1

This has been floating around for 3 days now. Long enough for you to have heard or heard about it, but if you ain't then here it is...

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation

Returning to the proto punk vibes with ex Television member/ex Heartbreakers, Richard Hell & The Voidoids. Apparently responsible for influencing the Sex Pistols look as well as punk in general. Aways...

B-Ju - Beyond Sea Owls

Came across this over at Perf10, some newness from B-Ju who flips Destiny's Childs "Say My Name" into the 140ish zone with some definate references to juke. Dunno what it is but Destiny's Child make for some catchy refied flips. Anyways this is what B-Ju had to say..."If you like Beyonce you might hate this...or the other way around", nicely put.

Beyond Sea Owls by B-Ju


So time to add another artist into the allready long list of super dope international cats coming to our shores in the near future. This time it's Brainfeeder again. In the form of super dark and gritty producer "LORN"

"Aged 23 and hailing “from the middle of nowhere in Illinois”, Lorn is the only official member of the Brainfeeder crew to not either live or have lived in Los Angeles. He makes dark, often melancholic dubstep-influenced music, and recently remixed Jammer to great effect"

Click here for more info, I heard there will be some super cheap pre sales too!
Here's his first single:
Lorn - Cherry Moon by BRAINFEEDER

Mayer Hawthorne Interview

Add ImageA nerdy looking gent with a penchant for snappy looking suits and even snappier sounding soul, Mayer Hawthorne (government name: Andrew Mayer Cohen) is one of the leading lights of the Stones Throw, Truth & Soul and Daptone Records lead modern soul movement.

Originally hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, the geographic location also responsible for Samiyam, Recloose and 14KT, Mayer Hawthorne originally came up as DJ Haircut, of both Athletic Mic League and Now On. With a lifelong background as a musician ("my pops taught me to play bass when I was six," reflects), Cohen's childhood was sound-tracked by the soul and jazz of Detroit and the surrounding region, as provided by his father's car stereo. In his words, "really thankful for the musical encouragement and direction," he got from his parents, Cohen became a record crate digger very early in the piece, leading to his DJ Haircut alias. " I've been a DJ my entire life, since I was a kid really. It's what I always identified myself with," he explains. "Now most people that know me as Mayer Hawthorne don't even know I DJ. It's a trip!"

With his teenage years coloured by skateboarding, DJing and a local fascination with the sounds of LL Cool J, N.W.A, Black Moon and the like, surrounded by rappers his age, beat production was the logical extension of DJing, and as he became a threat in the studio, Cohen found himself building on his childhood soul music foundations. " I learned a lot of my soul music from digging for the samples to my favourite rap songs," he says. Then as curveball, there was a love of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Helmet and White Zombie. "I still love all that shit," he continues.

DJing and working on numerous hip-hop projects, when no one was looking, Cohen would construct vividly toned, smoking soul records that while sounding like they hail from the late sixties to mid seventies, alongside his contemporary peers, actually serve as a logical continuation of the musical optimism of that earlier era. And it was this optimistic soul, which would after two songs, lead Stones Throw Records head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf to offer him a record deal. "I moved to LA in 2005 to pursue music full time," Cohen remembers. "I wanted to DJ and make hip-hop music. I met Peanut Butter Wolf at a party there, and I sent him some music. He didn't really like my rap stuff but he loved these soul demos I had done in my bedroom just for fun. He offered me an album deal with Stones Throw if I would record a whole album of soul music. I said 'sure!', even though at the time I didn't know how I would make a full length album."

The result of this gamble by both parties was A Strange Arrangement, his debut album and for both Stones Throw and Cohen, a genuine game changer. " Now I tour around the world singing soul music for a living and rub elbows with celebrities every day," he muses. "You never know what life is going to give you. I'm thankful for every moment of it."

As part of this never-ending trip on the good times train, on the 12th and the 14th of February, Cohen is touching down in Auckland and Wellington to perform two exclusive shows with his backing band, The Country. He's also hoping to catch up with a friend, our favourite local soulstress, Ladi6. " Ladi6 has got mad soul yo!" he enthuses. "I think we first met in Perth last year. She is super cool."

By Martyn Pepperell

Mayer Hawthorne plays in Auckland at Spore City on the 12th of February and at The San Francisco Bath House on the 14th of February.

Tarik Sabar - The Key

New stuff from Tarik Sabar, Tones posted up his Love Beats & Soul up a while back, but he has since done a few other releases with the latest being this. Definately worth checkin' out as the beats are dope and on top of all that you could win $200. Need I say more?

David Axelrod - My Family

A track from one of the first Axelrod LP's (Heavy Axe) I ever picked up. I kinda feel like this track ends a bit prematurely but whatevers...

Sam Cooke - Loveable

Sam Cooke would have been 80 years old yesterday (or today if your the rest of the world). So only fitting that we give it up for one of the grand pioneers of Soul music. Ain't nothin' like waking up on a Sunday and cookin' some eggs and pourin' plunger coffee to some Mr Cooke.

Reggie Blount - Debbie

Here's a track from my homie Reggie Blount reppin outta AK by way of Arizona. Slick doesn't even begin to cut it, so for those in need of warming up for your saturday night, ya boy Reggie has got it covered. Very keen to see what he and Mr Jellywiggle Jellyphonic get up to this year, so stay tuned!

Reggie Blount - Debbie by djdruckman

Bullion - You Drive Me To Plastic (Non-LP)

Dj Nature - Everybody

Young Black Preachers - Lunch Special III

Lunch special II was released last week I believe, and here's the follow up. Featuring Jeremiah Jae and crew pushing the boundaries of off-kilter and experimental hip hop further into the abyss.

check the bandcamp hurrr

Nicholas - I Got It

Just revisiting some slomo house grooves from Italys' Nicholas (who recently released his Depth of My Soul LP). I like the way he uses those gospel-esque vocals, that kinda Chicago spiritual/uplifting house but with a bit more chugg.

Spell - Sith Alchemy 9

The bro Spell just sent through his latest beat tape. Don't even know if this guy ever sleeps. Not only are the beats dope, his DJ skills are class. Thought I'd drop this vid of him from a while back cuttin' up Mr Paul Henry...

Planet Mu Records- Bangs and Works

Nice Comp from Legendary Label Planet Mu: Bangs & Works

"To those that don’t know, 'footwork' is a hyper rhythmic, abstract dance music, pitched around 160bpm, that largely consists of a template of cut-up samples and phrases that are twisted into repetitive rhythms & shapes, to offbeat, syncopated drum machine patterns and pumping sub-bass lines.

Until now, bar a few low key vinyl 12”s and local mix cds plus tracks posted on sites like youtube and imeem, 'footwork' has remained very local to Chicago"

Visit the site to listen.

Wilson Pickett – A Funky Situation The Remixes
went in and put together this great free project.
Interpretations of songs from Wilson Pickett’s 1978 A Funky Situation

Grab It Here

Foolcast 020 - Eli Escobar "Find A Friend"

The latest Foolcast comes from New York City’s own Eli Escobar in the form of “Find A Friend.” This hour-long mix is a collection of unreleased disco edits from Eli’s personal, handmade stash.

Dig in and dance, people!

Mr Dibiase - Yesterdaze & Travelin (ft. Scanz)

Couple of recent joints from Dibiase, easing up on the 8bit crunkness and smoothing things out nicely. Breezy flows comin' from Scanz to compliment the beat nicely as well. Diggin' it.

Yesterdaze 92bpms by mr.dibiase

Scanz -Travelin (prod Dibiase) roughbounce by mr.dibiase

Sound Directions - On The Hill

I know everybody is on or are gonna be on that Medicine Show 11 (I've been bumpin' it and of course it's heat!) but I finally picked up the Sound Directions LP on wax a few weeks back and yup, still killer. Been on that 'eavy natty vibe too, so this track has been a regular on the sound system (and I'm sure it'll hold me down till 11 arrives in the post).

Anworth Kirk - S/T

This has been on high rotation for me lately, could possibly be due to my recent activities of late night/early morning blazin' and reading of Poe. Could easily be the soundtrack to some arthouse horror flick (The Wickerman seems to be providing some influence?) as it blends european folklore, field recordings and melancholy drones for a truly haunting yet beautiful experience.

Sending this one out to Trish Keenan of Broadcast who just passed away R.I.P.

Odd Future & Co.

Odd Future have been dealing too my regular Hip Hop cravings lately. They have a youthful and fun approach to things and their blog and free mixtapes are a great way to get the feel for the momentum of the crew. L.A freshness.

MellowHype From the mixtape Yellow and white.
Fuck it, Check this one too. Too dope not to post, its Saturday so stoop to this.

FaltyDL - Hip Love (Jamie xx Remix)

And while we're on Ramp here's another nice piece of wax floating about at the moment...

Maxmillion Dunbar - Rhythm Track For Rashied Ali

Really diggin' Ramp Recordings Maxmillion Dunbar, this is his latest offering released last October. Diggin the slomo electro hiphop vibe on the album, although this particular cut's got more of a house groove to it.

Alphabethead - Music From The 1960's & 70's (Volume 2)

Another excursion into 1960's and 70's music with turntable madman Alphabethead...

This is my second mix of 1960’s and 70’s music. It’s assembled from vinyl, in various conditions, all of which I inherited – the fuzz, crackle and other spurious record noise are all included! Once again it’s mostly pop and psych although this time a little more hard rocking due to the inclusion of Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and May Blitz, a monstrous band on Vertigo records. I made sure I included some Kiwi groups from the era; The Underdog Blues Band, Human Instinct and The Fourmyula’s quintessential Sixties tune ‘Nature’ all make an appearance. Other tracks of special interest are The Beach Boys lesser known ‘Feel Flows’ which is in my opinion their most psychedelic tune and Spirit’s ‘The Other Song’ which Gonjasufi used as a rhythmic canvas last year. It’s mixed in a Hip Hop style with scratches, drum-breaks and cut-up sample segues! Please give it a spin – I hope you enjoy.

Alphabethead - Music From The 1960's & 70's (Volume 2)

Bloggers Delight

Various Freebies, Packed Together in a zip file

01 Olivier Daysoul - Finer Things In Life
02 Mark de Clive-Lowe presents...Sy Smith - Teena (Lovergirl Syberized)
03 Freddie Joachim - Quick
04 Stray - If Lovin' U
05 EWH - Perception (Sam Champ remix)
06 Henning - Grand Theft Auto
07 5th Echelon - The Finer Things (ft. Om'Mas Keith of SARA)
08 Mr Whites - Headnod Acrobatics Vol. 1
09 Astro Nautico - Quiet Nights EP -Kuhn Version (Original Mix)
10 Myown - Vladislav Kovac
11 Salva - Wake Ups
12 Jon Phonics - AM
13 Strangeloop - Wouldn't It Be Nice
14 Arabian Prince - Lets-Hit-Beach-JP-Demo-Remix
15 Om Unit - Lavender
16 Cuthead - Rocks my soul
17 Blu-KeepItGoing-featUGod
18 Illregular Music Collective - Home Court
19 Roc Marciano Feat. Sean Price - Snow (Remix)
20 Supreme Team - 4080
21 Kanye West - The Joy
22 Tall Black Guy Productions- The Return Of Here AND Now
23 Selebrities - When I Look At You
24 Chris Turner - Liquid Love
25 Herma Puma - Jollys (Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra Remix)
26 Hundred Strong - Time feat. Amp Fiddler
27 Star Slinger - Hot Potato

Acanthus - Le Frisson Des Vampires

It's always quiet for new release music during this time so I find myself delving deeper into re-issues or discovering forgotten gems of the past. As always, the Finders Keepers team are always there to point you in the right direction. This is the soundtrack to Jean Rollins' (who past away last month) cult masterpiece Le Frisson Des Vampires, a euro-sexploitation vampire flick which features Parisan teenagers playing ghoul infused psych-kraut-funk-rock-etc

Tilahun Gesesse For Ethiopia

Sending this one out to the bro Riki Gooch aka Mr Dangerspiel who put me onto this.
Over the past year I've gotten heavily into ethnic/world music from Lollywood to Vietnamese funk as well as the Ethiopian and Nigerian scenes to name a few. Anyways, this clip from Ethiopian singer Tilahun Gesesse (also known as Tlahoun Gèssèssè & Telahun Gesesse) is just amazing.

Cuthead - The Poncho

From the free album from Cuthead, features some dope hip hop joints and even a couple nice house tracks as well. First came across Cuthead through the track with Cohen & Fatima a while back which was banging. Look foward to seeing what he gets up to this year.

Willie Lindo -Midnight

The NZ Vinyl Appreciation Society put me onto the video of Eldico Records and I noticed this familiar track from Willie Lindo, which I also remembered from Tranqills' Chips & Cheese.

The Funkacise Gang - Funkacise (Boogie Business Edit)

Had little time for blogging between the copious amount of food and alcohol consumed and general lazing about in the sun. But here's a track I'd been jamming a lot during the tail end of the year. Gonna need a medium to large dose of funkacise in the coming weeks thats for sure...