Mo Kolours - Drum Walking Mix

Wax Poetics & One Handed Music have hooked this mix up by Mo Kolours who recently released his EP Drum Talking, a record based around...well, drums (and percussion). Hella dope tunes and if you're the first who can give a complete track listing using only the given drummers then your up to win and limited edition (only 20 made) OHM T-shirt. Track list of drummers in the comments. Downloads have maxed out via Wax Poetics but you can still cop it here for now.

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dopeonplastika said...

List of drummers of track list...

Math Samba, Luc Assa, Alpha Konate, Prosper N’Kouri
Hermeto Pascoal
Roy Haynes
Buddy Miles
P. Lapouble
Ray King, Mike Rose, Pablo Gonsales, Sam Kelly, Joey Dee
Carlton “Santa” Davis
Bernard Purdie
Easy Santa
Sol Amarfio
Stomu Yamash’ta
Ed Green, Gary Coleman
Gregg Gregg
Nilija, Pudim, Ben Hassan
Adama Drame, Siaka Bamoro
Eddie Knowles, Charlie Saunders, David Barnes