Jamie XX Interview

Found this over at the Turntable Lab blog. I've often wondered what makes this young man tick. He's been all over the internet blogesphere lately, but this is the first time I have seen him give any insight into what goes into his wonderful productions.

Here it is:

Your drums for XX combine the aesthetics of bedroom producer and traditional drummer rock drummer... Who influences your drum style? What made you decide that you'd perform your drums on a controller rather than a drum kit?
I much prefer the versatility of samples and electronic sounds to the limitations of a standard drum kit. Its also much easier, when playing live, to pack a punch with electronic sounds. The first person I saw using an MPC live was RJD2.

What artists from the past influence you? What current peers influence you?
Recently I've been digging up a lot of 70s boogie records, they're having an influence on what I'm making right now. Incidentally, a 'current peer' Floating Points, who plays a lot of boogie in his sets, has been making some real nice stuff

What hardware, software, modules do you use to produce?
Logic, Space Echo.

What is your favorite piece of studio gear? why?
The Space Echo, it's a classic.

You've worked with some incredible artist already, whose on your dream list of artists to work with?
Most of them are dead.

A lot has happened since you released the XX album, do you foresee any style shifts / developments for the next XX release?
I think each of us have developed our own ideas about music much further since we wrote the last record. That will have an effect for sure.

Indulge us, what's the coolest thing about becoming "famous" from relative obscurity
It's the same, but I meet more people.

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