Tiger Translate

On Friday the 26th of February Tiger Translate is coming to Wellington!

A massive multi media fusion of music and art that tours the world… Tiger Translate will transform Wellingtons Opera House like you’ve never seen it.

Featuring a live ART mashup by 3 of Translates most talented Asian Kinetic Artists vs Wellingtons finest… a multi media exhibition inspired by the theme Metropolis …and a lineup of the finest local talent including…

Riki Gooch, Julien Dyne & Parks, Adi Dick, Homebrew, Orchestra of Spheres, Tommy Ill, 47 Diamantes, the Electric Wire Hustle Sound System, Alphabethead, Scratch 22, Fried Chicken Sound System, The Jewel School and special guest… DJ Zoloo from Mongolia.

Get your tickets by being one of the first 500 people to register at HeyTiger.co.nz

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