Label Spotlight - PTN

PTN records are killing it on the future house music tip at the moment, picked up a couple of plates today which are confirming my suspicions that 2011 is going to be a huge year for these types of sounds. Its no wonder with badman producers like Doc Daneeka, Hackman and Breach so far circulating heavily all over the web and sub labels like Night Slugs popping up all over the shop.
Below are a couple of tasties which I'm sure you'll be feeling as we roll into summer in the southern hemisphere.. bacardi and coke on the balcony, swaying hips type shits.

As always there's much more at RESIDENT ADVISOR and MYSPACE.

This one actually came out on PTN's "parent label" Ramp Recordings - Doc Daneeka - Hold On (artwork by teebs!)

And my pick for the song quickest to make the room froth this summer...this hook has been stuck in my head for days and i aint complainin - Hackman - Nobody Minds


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