Team Dynamite - The Demo Tape (Free Download)

The two lead lyricists of the group, Tony Tee's and Lucky Lance have a chemistry that sounds like the day Mario met Luigi. Their partnership reminds you a bit of Tribe or Outkast but with a a distinct New Zealand style that's easy to relate to. Hearing them swap verses is like watching a Walter Little pass to Frank Bunce. They're like the Samoan Bill and Tedd. Like a Bert and Ernie duet. Like the perfect double date for salt n peppa. Like the bushwackers on ecstasy. Like what Milo and Ottis would sound like if they could flow. Like Lethal weapon without the mullets. Like Green Eggs and Ham. Or like Boom and Bap. They just go together.

Musically the sound is driven by Auckland's most lovable horsey face, Haz Beats. His style sounds something like Minnie Riperton and Mike Tyson's love child. It's smooth but strong at the same time. Its the kind of sound that will bounce perfectly off your garage walls on a Friday night. In the summer its the music that will make you wana shake your head to get the water out of your ears. It'll make u feel like there's sand in your speakers. It's so perfectly suited for summer it almost sounds like the high hats were sampled from two cycadas making doing it.

Produced By Haz'
Mixed By DJ Substance
Mastered By Mark Howden
Art work By Tawk GBAK

Download below.

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