A Little Boy Waits - Home Brew Video Fundraiser Gig AKL

Last month Avondale's biggest selling boyband, Home Brew had their hopes of a music video grant for their song 'Underneath The Shade' crushed into tiny little pieces by the harsh hands of New Zealand On Air. However, like the brave solders they are, they swallowed their Boh Runga bitterness and began on a mission to independently raise the funds themselves. Below..

HOMEBREW - A LITTLE BOY WAITS... from Askew One on Vimeo.

They convinced local director Chris Graham (Trinity Roots' 'Little Things', and 'Sione's Wedding') to direct free of charge and then, after 17 hours of Chinese water torture, they convinced Auckland's best underground musicians to play free at a party on the 17th of April at Plaything Gallery. Check this live drunken mixtape of exclusive and rare stuff from all the artists playing at the gig.

Download Below


The event will be from 6pm to Midnight with DJ's downstairs and live acts on the roof top. Alcohol will be cheap as piss and the venue is neck lev. (the old luggage dude who used to run it has gaped) So please come through, get blato, sing dance and canoodle and help these failing musicians make a video to make thriller look like poi e.

CHECK http://www.homebrewcrew.co.nz FOR DAILY UPDATES

Tickets available @ http://www.iticketexpress.co.nz/events/2010/apr/a-little-boy-waits-home-brew-video-fundraiser/
Conch Record Store & Beat Merchants.
$20 a ticket, door sales also on the night
but we encourage you to buy tickets as the line may extend round the corner
for door sales.
Put it this way, Ticket = No hassle entry :)

Venue: Plaything Gallery (opposite The Kings Arms)
Address: 21 Dacre Street, Auckland
Time: 6pm - Midnight

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