Original beats/acapellas/mix/cuts/whatever from The Ruckazoid aka Ricci Rucka, turntable extrodinaire (yup same dude who released Crush off All City last year) . This has been around for over half a decade now but shit is heat still.
A few words from the man himself...

I made this record in early 2005. At the time, I realized that Hip Hop was less about wordplay, and more about talking to a beat, while at the same time, the backbone of hip hop, lost it's backbone to the laptop. Skill development is no where to be found.

Hip hop, like politics, only has a handful of flavors, and a group of subscribers of each. Gangster, South, Westcoast, Hipster, Underground, and a few more. This is what's left, if you don't fall into this, you are NOT "hip hop". The artform I fell in love with, changed, very much, and it's an empty shell.

RRRRAP is an ode to a dying culture, and my last offering to hip hop in a format that is recognize as "hip hop".


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Anonymous said...

Hell yes!

Ricci was an underground legend in the scratch scene circa 2003. Bastard Language/Ned Hoddings represents!