Harlem Present

Thank god for computers and the nimble finger skills it takes to make beats. No doubt you need a perfect musical ear and rhythm running through your veins but that is what these guys have.

On Dec 2nd Harlem will play host to Auckland's most dope Hip Hop beat makers. Bringing the finest to one place at one time.

For anyone who has their finger on the pulse they will have heard most of these names being thrown around in underground hip hop banter.

These guys will all be playing beats of their own creation throughout the evening taking the reigns of the Auckland Hip Hop movement.

Christoph el Truento has just released an EP on Wonderful Noise.


Haz is Homebrews alchemist of beats.

Miso Shiru is a part of Koru Licks.

Saxby is the beat maker for Nothing to Nobody.

Shanalog sounds like a trip through space and time.

Influence beats is a part of The Boom Bap Kids hailing from North Shore.

Featuring Jeremy Gallagher and Lui T - Live MC's

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