Moved in for three days, couldn't hack it.

"We were having one of those bad runs, where you seem to interview about thirty people every day and they are all zipper heads. We really took this guy in desperation. He wasn't A-list, didn't have a microwave or anything like that, and now both he and the felafel roll were cold" John Birmingham.

I was given a book by a guy named Olli who recently moved into the empty room in our flat, Over a cup of tea and a cigarette on the front porch he told many story's about delusional flatmates and crawling in and out of flats around Auckland. He Died with a Felafel in His Hand is a novel by John Birmingham, first published in 1994, This comic edition consists of a collection of storys about living in share houses in Brisbane and other cities in Australia with variously dubious housemates. The title refers to a deceased heroin addict found in one such house. "Here is the full horror and madness of shared housing, as experienced by millions of young Australians, in hilarious and graphic detail".
If you think you got it bad this is a must read.


_ralphimself said...

I read this a while back, fucking funny aye. Got to love the story about the house with rubbish like a foot deep over the ground.Dude stands on a rat and shit.

blahzy* said...

Haha yea the illustrations make it