Jam Session Mix

So myself and himself got together yesterday and had a little jam. After many failed attempts at turning the laptop mic off we manage to squeeze a little mix in. A lil rough but hey thats how we do! Definately a whole lot more mixes to come throughout 2010. 100% vinyl steez, startin off with a bit of chugg and managing to finish with some OH NO for the heads


The Musical Gardener said...

Wassup Bros,

Mean jam, solid summer tracks aye.

Can you do a tracklist for them too?


dopeonplastika said...

sup cuz been outtaaction on here for a bit, but heres the list...

Motor City Drum Ensemble - raw cuts #3
Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician
Lee Douglas - As You Like It (Recloose Remix)
Greg Wilson - Booty Dance
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Turtle Pizza Cadillac
James Pants - Rhythm Track Vol. 1-2
Debruit - Pouls
Flying Lotus - Sao Paulo
Oh No - Know Better Instrumental

dopeonplastika said...

oh the greg wilson track is actually barnamega