Its our monthly brand new dance underground at Burgundy Room for the 30th May, Slomo crew will be mashing up the wobbliest new wave beat selections with diversions into boogie, classic hiphop, dubstep and bombs!

Slomo Podcast #1:
labs' tasty top ten for may

Bling Mod - Put it on ya (B.E.A.R)
Blu and Flying Lotus - Local Legends
Young Black Preachers - Bums (c/o
Busy - Light Curtain (U-beat)
14KT - Ypsilanti (A-Side/ Lab Technicians Productions)
Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms
Low Leaf - Lets Make Love
Kleeer - Intimate Connection (Atlantic)
EL-B - Neighbourhood (Tempa comp)
Martyn - Right? Star! (3024)

(its a countdown of sorts, the mixing is a little mucky)

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